High Five Friday

High 5 Friday February 19 2016 happyfitmama.com

Welcome to another lovely High Five Friday!

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5 from Instagram

  1. Stay patient and trust the journey. That’s been my motto for the past 10 months. Some days completely suck in running. Others are the most wonderfully fantastic.
  2. I finally remembered to wear a running skirt over my tights BEFORE I went for my single digit run last weekend. Usually it’s when my butt is completely frozen solid that I remember that little trick.
  3. A pop of color on a gray day. I can’t say enough good things about prAna Prism capris. They are hands down my fav for yoga. FYI – You can get 15% off your total order from prAna.com with code PSSS16HFM at check out.
  4. Do yoga. Run faster. True story!
  5. Opening your heart doesn’t have to be complicated. Let your love shine in upward facing dog.

5 Things

  1. Last Place at the Trials with No Regrets – Did you watch the Olympic Marathon trials last weekend? What a race! What you didn’t see where the very last female and male finishers. They both showed up even though they weren’t at their top performance level. I’ve talked with Joanna on the phone before and she is one serious athlete. I give them props for getting out there.
  2. How Social Media Killed My Run – As someone who is on social media A LOT, I’ve had the exact same thoughts. My week in running has been quite craptastic. Rather than sugar coating it for social media sake, I let it out that it plain sucked. We’ve all been there so why hide it!
  3. Why More Western Doctors are Prescribing Yoga Therapy – It’s about time! I love that people are seeing that there are alternatives to surgery, being overly medicated and just plain miserable. Most people get into yoga to gain flexibility. But when you really get into it and aren’t just doing it but practicing it, you see that it’s way more than being bendy. It’s for your mind, body and spirit.
  4. Having It All Kinda Sucks – This. YES. “Let’s redefine “having it all,” or better yet let each woman define for herself what the best version of her life might look like.”
  5. Giving Back: My Experience as a Running Coach – This piece from Heather is so great. Spreading the love of running is definitely good news.

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17 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. The Having It All Article is such a good one! We do need to change that conversation! Even at 26 I see so many of my friends fall into that trap, with then the pressure to make it all look perfect on social media. Thanks for sharing such great reads!

  2. I always love this linkup! I am all about reading the best links from other bloggers. If I ever get sick of the Friday Five Linkup I’m definitely going to join up with you!

  3. It’s been fun to read the articles around the Olympic trials- and I’m excited to check out Heather’s article, too. You’re so good at getting out in the cold! I’ve been a wimp lately. Thank goodness it’s almost March!

  4. I am so ready for warmer weather too!
    I do think there is a HUGE pressure from society to do and be EVERYTHING. Just like she talked about… if you don’t, you’re lazy. Thanks for sharing!

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