High Five Friday

The happy Friday dance has commenced.

Let’s get this party started and start slapping high five Friday right now!

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  1. Sea creatures!
  2. Celebrating National Margarita Day last weekend. The only thing better would have been enjoying it in Mexico on the beach.
  3. My “trainer” helping me stretch after a run.
  4. It’s cold again but at least it’s pretty. AKA lies I tell myself daily to get through (hopefully) the last bit of winter.
  5. Triangle pose – so simple but such a great stretch for the side body and hamstrings. And it’s just pretty.

5 Links

  • 4 Year Old Makes Paper Dresses – This is amazing. It’s quite obvious that she doesn’t do all the designing and actual making of the dresses but it’s pretty cool to see the end result. Maybe I’m amazed by it all because both of my kids would rather be naked than wear any clothes.
  • Too Many Asymmetrical Poses Can Cause SI Joint Issues – As someone who is naturally super duper flexible, this article hit home for me. I can put the palms of my hands on the floor but is it doing more harm than good? According to this article, I’m stressing my sacrum and pelvis more than it should be.
  • Yoga + Muscle Leggings – Have you seen the creepy leg anatomy leggings? I think they are butt ugly but this video changed my mind. If you dig the anatomy of the human body, you’ll love this. It’s like seeing the bare muscles in action.
  • How Best to Combine Strength Training and Running – I’m guilty of not hitting the heavy weights for my lower body the day before a speed session or a long run. I can’t be uber sore for my run! Research shows that leg strength is impaired up to 24 hours after a lower body strength session. This article suggests lifting in the morning then run 6 hours later. Makes sense but who has time for that?

Plus one more –

Tomorrow is the first day of my #HappyFitMarch Challenge! Click HERE if you missed all the details earlier in the week. It’s going to be fun!

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I hope you’ll join in!

Margarita – On the rocks or straight up?

What do you want to High 5 today?

28 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. On the rocks with salt please!! I’m giving a high-five for having a REST day today. I’ve done a ton of running, cycling and cross-training and this mama needs a day offโ€ฆbefore I have to run 13 miles on Sat.
    I’m so interested to read that article on yoga straining your back and hips as well as the one on strength training. The way my schedule is, I usually run in the morning and then I teach a strength class at night. I wonder what THAT does??
    Can’t wait for the HappyFitMarch Madness to begin ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allie recently posted..Think Outside the Frame with #WeMontageMy Profile

  2. I want to high five this week being OVER. It was a week! I haven’t been home before 8 pm any of the nights. Oh, and I want to high five nailing my training plan as prescribed! I am with you, I really dislike running on sore legs.
    Tara Newman recently posted..A Sherpa Wife RantMy Profile

  3. Checking out those links – especially the poses one. I am going to do an article for our local road runner’s newsletter about leg day and running. I definitely think that runners should run first then do weights later. But I also read something very interesting about doing your heavy leg day on a higher intensity run day. Sounds insane, but the next day will be a light day anyway right? So go ahead, totally fatigue the legs all in one day. The next day is light or rest. I’ve been doing this for about a month now and it works perfectly.

  4. So interesting on the SI joint info b/c I am your polar opposite (inflexible as they come) and yet my SI joint being a bit askew added to my hamstring issue.

    Love the Lauren Fleshman article. Loved it. And I also liked the article on when to strength train. I have always been a believer in doing it after a hard workout and then not doing it on recovery days–it was nice to see that validated!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Dear shoe companies: fix your laces, please!My Profile

  5. I’m afraid I’m staying away from the margaritas right now during my training. If I want to achieve the high goals I have set I want to know I have given myself every chance! I will only be able to run at this level for a limited amount of time ๐Ÿ™‚ you can have one for me though! I want to high 5 the sun, for finally coming out, and trying to melt the snow for us! Although that would melt my hand off, so I’m just gonna salute the sun instead :p
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