High Five Friday

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Happy High Five Friday!

Want to join in? You can find all the details HERE.

5 From Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

1. Watch me whip…my ponytail.

2. Crow places.

3. I think this is the last of the foliage pics. The trees are bare now. Boo.

4. Dump in the crockpot and forget about it till dinner. My kind of meals!

5. I’ve been learning a new trick – Tripod headstand! I need to work on squeezing my elbows together more. It’s quite exhilarating to get up into it.

5 Things –  All about the ladies.

1. Molly Huddle Campaigns for Female Runner Emoji – Seriously. Why don’t we have a lady runner?!?!

2. Male Athletes Asked the Same Questions as Females – This gets another seriously from me. Can we stop asking female athletes about their cute outfits and what they look for in a guy and stick to their sports performance? Watch this and hopefully sports reporters will realize how ridiculous it is.

3. Updated Lyrics to ‘Ironic.’ –  First off – 20 years?!?!?! I feel soooooo old. I love me some Alanis. To all my 90s ladies who sang this song over and over and over again – Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

4. Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Veterans – ESPN W did a fantastic article featuring military vets who are all women and athletes. Let’s remember the ladies who are veterans. And btw – huge high five to Michele for being a part of the article!

5. Try Easy – This is an old article from Mile Markers that showed up in my Facebook newsfeed earlier this week. This -> “Let’s take the ass out of passion, and be kinder to ourselves and to others.” Amen sister. Amen. 

FYI – There’s still time to enter my prAna giveaway! Have you entered yet?

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24 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Great photos! And you have a very great point about needing to empower and see women athletes as the strong, hard working women we are! So what if we might spend a little extra time picking cute workout gear at times!

    Also I love the idea of your link-up is there usually a theme for the five things to share or just anything goes?

    1. The only request for High 5 Friday is that you share something good from your week. It could be pictures, blog posts, articles, recipes, things from your life. It’s a way to spread good news rather than the bad news that seems to be everywhere. Join in!!
      Angela recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

    1. The whip of a ponytail is the thing I miss the most when my hair is short! And I’m kicking myself for posting that headstand pic – such bad form!!!

  2. One of my clients was texting me late March to make sure I was still on for our training session and she bemoaned the lack of a pregnant runner emoji. Then we realized together that there was no female runner- boo! I thought for sure they would have included one in the new emoji update. Loved seeing Michele in that ESPN-w article – she is so freaking badass. And I am SO SO SO happy to be seeing you and Christine both out running again. That makes me happy. (insert running woman emoji here)
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Happy Thoughts (High Five Friday)My Profile

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