High Five Friday {A to Z Survey}

5 from instagram 7315  happyfitmama.comHigh Five Friday is here! And it’s the 4th of July long holiday weekend.

Can I get a WOOO-HOOOOO!!!

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1. Yoga and the beach – Is there anything better? BTW – have you entered the giveaway for a spot on the Rise.Run.Retreat yet? You should because they’ll be some beach yoga going down!

2. The Better Chip – Have you guys tried these? I recently was sent a box of different flavors and fell in love. I loved the Beet flavor and Ron enjoyed having his mouth on fire with the Chiptoles. You’ll find them in the deli section at your local grocery store rather than the chip aisle.

3. Going upside down to start the day right side up.

4. Sunrise over the bay – Hello Summer!

5. Mini wild strawberries – We hit the jackpot on our bike ride last week when we found a ton of wild strawberries growing alongside the trail. So fresh, so flavorful and so cute!

Since it’s a long holiday weekend, I thought I’d do a fun survey. I saw this on Julie’s blog the other day and couldn’t pass it up. I’m a sucker for these things because they are just plain grade school fun! Enjoy!

A to Z Survey

A – Age: 37

B – Biggest Fear: Trapped in a cave, elevator or any small spot

C – Current Time: 8 p.m.

D – Drink You Had Last: straight up water

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Ron

F – Favorite Song: Hmmmm….so many to choose from.

G – Grossest Memory: Finding a huge pile of poop in our dorm room my sophmore year of college. Dog? Human? We never found out where it came from or really WHO it came from. Don’t believe me? I have photographic proof this happened but I’ll spare sharing it here.

H – Hometown: I was born in Kingsford, Michigan but call the seacoast of New Hampshire home.


I – In Love With: Ron. My kids. Cooper. The beach. Warm weather.

J – Jealous Of: People that have a really cool job and really do love it every single day.

K – Kindest Person You Know: A nurse that I worked with years ago. I have never seen another person who would do anything and everything for any person. No hesitation. No questions.

L – Longest Relationship: 15 years together, 13 years married to Ron. Whoa!

M – Middle Name: Marie

N – Number of Siblings: Two

O – One Wish: To never stop laughing.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My mom

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “What’s it like having twins?” or lately, “Are you running yet?”

Soundtrack of my Life  HappyFitMama.com

R – Reason To Smile: It’s a long holiday weekend!

S – Song You Last Sang: “Peaches” – The Presidents of United States of America – big sing along in the car with the whole family coming home from the beach yesterday.

T – Time You Woke Up: 5:30 a.m. (slept in!)

U – Underwear Color: Black

V – Vacation Destination: Anyplace right now sounds fantastic but I’d love to go back to Hawaii. Or Australia, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Belize…

Honolulu Sunrise | happyfitmama.com

W – Worst Habit: Procrastination

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: My left foot ( more than once!) and my teeth at the dentist.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Nut butter of any kind. I need to have it at least once a day.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Your turn! Answer the following questions below:

  • Grossest Memory
  • Vacation Destination
  • Zodiac Sign

8 comments on “High Five Friday {A to Z Survey}

  1. Well now this explains a lot! I’m an Aries with Pieces rising – no wonder 🙂 I also love that you’re latest most question asked is “are you running yet?”
    Have GREAT 4th of July weekend!!
    Allie recently posted..4th of July Favorites!My Profile

  2. Grossest memory was a time when my husband was deployed, I had 6 month old twins and a 2.5 half year old and we all got Rota virus. All four of us were vomiting and diarrhea everywhere- I was on the bathroom floor begging for the end to come. The mess, the constant crying from all of us, and the smell was one that is seared in my memory. I don’t know how we got through that.

    Vacation Destination- I’d love to go back to Europe-I’d love to go see one of BFF’s again in Edinburgh.

    Zodiac Sign– Aries
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..DIY Homemade Gel Ice PackMy Profile

  3. Vacation destination… we spent a very short time in Ireland and I fell in love. Would love to go back to spend a few weeks in that country, Also New Zealand and Australia are a must!
    Zodiac sign: Sagittarius!
    Grossest memory: I think I may have blocked it from my memory! Yours is awesome (or not!)
    Have a wonderful 4th of July!!
    Natalie recently posted..Friday Favorites!My Profile

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