High Five Friday {Giveaway}

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Happy, happy High Five Friday! I share more pictures on Instagram. Are we following each other?

1. #crowplaces. Although this picture would be so much better without all that snow behind me.

2. Puravida Bracelets – I haven’t been able to wear any bracelets in about 5 years. Why? Because my kids steal what I’m wearing every single time. I’m hoping I can actually wear these cute Puravida Bracelets that Ron got me for my birthday. I love the leaf! BTW – you can get 50% off your first order if you use my referral link above.

3. Treat yo’self! – I treated myself to new Feetures socks and restocked my running fuel. I’m loving Huma Gels! The mocha is quite delicious!

4. Post 20 miler happiness!

5. #RunRise – I couldn’t believe my eyes on Thursday. The beginning of a sunrise! I haven’t seen one of those on a run in what seems like forever. It kind of made it worth freezing my butt off in the bitter wind and super cold temps. Where’s this spring everyone is talking about anyway?

5 Things

1. How to Handle the Negative Voice – LOVED this piece from Laura! If you do one thing today, read this and follow through with it. There’s too much negativity in the world already. Don’t let your inner voice be a part of it.

2. Must Know Lingo For First Timers at Boston –Β  Even though I don’t live too far North of Boston, I’m clueless about where almost everything is. That includes Heartbreak Hill. Hopefully the preview course run tomorrow will give me a better idea. I actually told someone that we were running from Newton to BC. Ummm…Newton is essentially BC. Whoops. Hopefully I can keep up with the group. Otherwise, I may just be aimlessly running the course from now until April 20th!

3. Kristin Armstrong – I love everything Kristin writes but this piece that she shared on AMR podcast that didn’t make it into the Tales of Another Mother Runner book is fantastic. It resonates with every single reason why I want my kids to see me run.

4. Icebreaker – To celebrate Icebreaker’s 20th anniversary they are hosting a T-shirt contest from March 17-31. All you need to do is vote for your favorite Icebreaker print from the last 20 years to be entered into a $500 weekly prize and one grand prize of $1500 worth of Icebreaker Merino apparel. The prints with the highest votes will be available in stores in May.

5. Mocha Latte Coffee Bar – Now you can EAT your coffee! New Grounds Food has launched a Mocha Latte Coffee Bar. It’s an energy bar equivalent to one full cup of coffee that’s also vegan, gluten-free, and organic. Full of real food that you can pull from your pantry (almond butter, dates, etc), it’s a quick source of energy for on the go snacking.

New Grounds Food | happyfitmama.com


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90 comments on “High Five Friday {Giveaway}

  1. Gotta have some half and half in mine!

    We are snow free, 100% and I am happy about this. They predicted snow for today but messed up–yahoo!

    I’ve got an article coming out soon from Daily Burn on how to run Boston, as well. I’ve got some good sources in it!

    Have a great weekend.
    misszippy recently posted..Run it, FEEL it, Spell it ChallengeMy Profile

  2. How I drink my coffee depends on my mood, and how good the coffee is. Sometimes black, but most of the time with milk and a little sugar

  3. I always love your product recommendations- thank you!
    For coffee- black. But, I love it in the very brief quiet moments after lunch or in the early afternoon. Especially if it’s the weekend and hubby and I can sit together and enjoy. Rarely happens, sadly!

  4. Oh I think those bracelets would make an excellent birthday gift to myself!! Yes, please! I also loved Laura’s post and I pretty much love everything Kristin Armstrong writes as well. I’m looking forward to a lot more run-rise pics from you!!! Bring on SPRING!
    Allie recently posted..All the Cool Kids Are Turning 40My Profile

  5. I always have my coffee with a little unsweetened cocoa powder! yum! These bars look great πŸ™‚

  6. I drink my coffee black. Gross, I know. On the weekends when I’m home I’ll add a little almond or cashew milk. I’ve gotten so used to drinking it this way that it doesn’t bother me anymore, especially after learning about all the junk in Coffeemate creamers.
    Kristin recently posted..IntentionsMy Profile

  7. I like to drink coffee as a light ‘bullet proof’ style with 1 tsp. each of protein powder and MCT oil and a tad of stevia blended.

  8. I’m not sure if this is open to Canadians, but just in case: I usually drink my coffee black.

  9. all different sorts of ways – hot, iced, blended — as long as it has lots of caffeine, I’m happy!!

  10. I love my coffee with agave, soymilk and sometimes chocolate syrup!!
    I love coffee period, but this is my everyday way to drink it!

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