High Five Friday

Well, hello Friday. Nice to see you again!

As I sit here typing this Thursday evening, I’m frozen solid. My right hand is turning a lovely shade of blue. I am so looking forward to the weekend just because it’s supposed to be in the upper 30s maybe even 40s. I need to warm up asap! I’m so over winter and being constantly cold.

How many days till Spring??

Let’s start slapping out high fives just so I can warm my hands, k?

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  1. Absolutely stunning sunset coming home from work on Monday. No filter needed for the gorgeousness. I swear the sunrises and sunsets this winter have been more intense and beautiful than ever!
  2. Three miles! Still inching my mileage up.
  3. Crow! This pose has been my nemesis for years. I’m finally getting over my fear of snapping my wrists and landing flat on my face. It’s not perfect but it’s progression!
  4. My coconut flour pancake experiment turned into more of a crumbly mess but it was very delicious especially topped with pineapple warmed in coconut oil. Mmmmm!
  5. Currently reading this. After The Book Thief and Ordinary Grace, I needed something witty and fun. So far it’s good!

5 Links

  1. Selfie – It’s no secret, I do selfies. Have I always felt confident in having my picture taken? No way. I love this initiative from Dove. What you find a fault, others find beautiful. A selfie can help you see that.
  2. I just love this commercial about Wombmates. Maybe because I have twins but I think the bond they share is truly amazing.
  3. The Most Inspiring Race You’ll Ever Watch – This is truly amazing. A collegiate track athlete face plants while running the 600 meter event. What happens next is unbelievable and proof that you should never give up.
  4. Yoga Injuries – Who’s Responsible? – Very interesting read not only about the amount of injuries in yoga but the snowboarding/skiing head injuries. When will we learn that pushing the limits in everything is not necessarily a good thing?
  5. Earlier in the week, while checking my blog stats, I noticed a very large amount of referrals were coming from a discussion forum. I clicked over and found the topic was centered on The Bath Magazine controversy over it’s similar cover as Boston Magazine’s. Someone referenced a post I had done almost a year ago in the comments where I made a heart with my running shoes. I think everyone needs to give original credit to me, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Running Shoes Heart - happyfitmama.com

What do you want to high five today?

29 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. It’s Friday and I MADE it!! There were doubts. I love the sunset picture and I agree that they have been so gorgeous. I guess that may be ONE good thing about this weather!? I can’t wait to read some of your links as I’m off to a wedding in upstate NY without my kids and I’ll be able to do things like sit and read. HIGH FIVE to that for sure!
    Allie recently posted..Kickboxing with Be Mom StrongMy Profile

  2. SO glad to hear your miles are coming back! 3 is a huge step forward! I always remember coming back that when it gets to around 4, you feel like things are moving too fast. Well I always did, always worried I should back off! So happy for you!!! I also love that you have tackled the crow! In my yoga class, everyone around me seems to be doing it, and I am not quite there! I will get it!!!

    That race you talked about, we show that to our athletes a lot. It is a great story, shows that you can come back from a setback, as long as you do not let it mentally destroy you. Running is mostly mental toughness, and that is a great example.

    I want to high 5 everyone who made it outside to do a run in that bitter cold! It is those days that make you tough, give you that grit, determination that the 600m race shows! I did my 6 mile hard tempo out there, and although i was miserable, I was so proud at the end. I know it will take me way closer to my goals now ๐Ÿ™‚
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    1. Thanks Julie! I’m slowly inching my way back from a foot injury that’s had me not running for far too long. I love the long distance so it’s hard to not be running long now. I’ll get there eventually…

  3. I’ve been so sporadic in my blog reading this week..it’s just been a tough one. But taking a few minutes to catch up on a few of my favorites.

    I loved that book. SO funnyโ€ฆsmart funny, too. Enjoy it.

    Yes to warmer temps, yes to the nice bump in your numbers, and yes to 3 miles!
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  4. Ugh – I hate the blue/purple fingers – my norm these days!!!
    Gorgeous sunset!!
    I’m gonna high five my 37 mile run today – it’s the strongest long run I’ve had in a long time!!!

  5. Ok, kinda loving everything about this pose from you mastering crow pose to the photo of the running shoes in the shape of a heart to TOTALLY being able to identify with being frozen solid (it’s been way too cold for words in NYC all week… 32 yesterday felt like an absolute tropical vacation)!!! Thanks for the post. You rock.


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