High Five Friday

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Look what’s back! It’s been quite some time but High Five Friday is here again. I share more pictures on Instagram. Are you following me?

1. The Arctic freeze has me trying to remember what warmth feels like. It’s hard to believe this was less than a month ago in Hawaii!

2. I’ve been sick all week with a lovely virus that zapped my voice. Thankfully it’s not strep throat, just a nasty virus. What better way to cure a cold than with a warm bowl of Two Bean Veggie Chili?

3. So I’m trying to find my yoga practice. And apparently my kids are too. I love that they want to join me. Just not at 5:45 a.m.!

4. First time getting the kids on skates and my first time in 20 years? I needed the little walker just as much as Miss A!

5. My physical therapist convinced me I needed a Bosu for home. I always used it at the gym when I had a membership. Should have bought one years ago. Best thing ever for working on balance and all my other weaknesses.

5 Things

1. 3 Ways to Keep Your Bum Warm on Cold Runs – This is timely info for the majority of the country right now. No one wants to be a cold ass.

2. Strength Training Workouts for Every Runner – Now is not the time to slack off. Listen to Allie. She knows her stuff!

3. Tough Mudder to Use Tear Gas – This definitely does not deserve a high 5. I’ve never done a Tough Mudder and will never do one. Why would you pay to get gassed?

4. In Their Own Words: Girls on Self-Esteem – This is a must read for every woman and every mother. The drawings are amazing. The girls (ages 12-22) put their thoughts into words so well. What better way to get to the root of how to increase the self-esteem of young girls than from their own mouths?

5. 87-year old Grandmother breaks Marathon Record in Honolulu – After running that same race, I bow down to you Betty Jean McHugh. You are one inspiring lady!

What would you like to high 5 this week?

24 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Thank you so much for the link love!! I really appreciate it. I already printed that two bean chili recipe since we’re getting snow today and it may be above 15 degrees. Really? Looking forward to reading what girls have to say about self-esteem….always interesting.
    Allie recently posted..4 ThingsMy Profile

  2. Seriously, the tough mudder stuff is insane–out of control! I hope people stop supporting these events.

    Sorry you have been sick–my son just had his second go around with illness this week. There is so much going around!!

    Hawaii–need. Now.
    misszippy1 recently posted..No more spring marathons!My Profile

  3. The only tear gas that I will force myself to endure is that of the gas from my children’s asses, which on occasion has caused me to tear up. I was opposed to the bacteria filled mud, and now this. It sounds like my house this morning– I have twins home with the flu. Twin moms are ToughMudder’s everyday, why would we subject ourselves to more?
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Comment on Green Apple and Carrot Slaw by Heather (Where’s the Beach)My Profile

  4. I’ve thought about getting a BOSU but it’s right on the edge, price wise, of how much I am willing to invest in exercise equipment when i have a Y membership. And, my luck, with a 3-year-old boy, it would become a trampoline. (Today, my heart rate monitor was a sling shot.)

    I made soup this week, too, and I’ll probably make more. I did black bean, veggie and chicken tortilla. Gotta stay warm somehow!
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..My Running Pregnant Experience {Second Trimester}My Profile

  5. Glad you linked Allie’s post – I missed that one so was happy to read it!!!
    I hope you are feeling better – I’ve had a similar thing all week and am ready to be 100% again!!!
    Kim recently posted..A Great Start to 2015My Profile

  6. After finishing Nia Shanks 3x3x3 workout I appreciated deadlifts and squats. They made me a stronger but also a stronger runner.
    I’ve bookmarked the run haven site now so I can visit it again, was a great article thanks for sharing.
    Today I do my first supervisor shift and I’m nervous about it. I’m also prepping for tomorrow’s blog everyday in jan post as well (day in a life).
    Ps. I’ve done a 3 tough mudders and have loved them all. But tear gas, yeah no thanks.
    Matilda recently posted..High Five Friday #10My Profile

  7. Hi Angela! Happy Friday to you! Bosu balls are really good for working on balance, strength training, cardio, you name it. You can do so much with them, so I’d agree it’s great to have at home. It’s not too cold in San Francisco right now (we basically always have the same weather), but I’d still rather be in Hawaii. I’ve never been!! Have a wonderful weekend:)
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted..Friday Favorites: A hodge-podge of goodiesMy Profile

  8. My high five is from last week… my first week of Boston training and hitting 45 miles! Feeling good about that. How about those colors for the Boston jacket? I’m not sure if I like it or not yet, I may need to see it in person. But really, it doesn’t matter because I’ll be buying one anyways!
    I’m thinking I need a Bosu ball in my home gym. Balance is an area I could improve on too.

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