High Five Friday

High Five Friday is here!

5 from instagram 11714  happyfitmama.com1. This week in running has been unbelievable! With each run, I’ve felt better and better. I am registered for my all time favorite race this weekend, Seacoast Half Marathon. It’s going to seem very odd not running. I’ve done it every year since 2010. However, I’m not risking all the progress I’ve made so far. The Honolulu Marathon is approaching quickly – eye on the prize!

2. Did you know it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month? I like to think of myself as the #1 fan of all nut butters, so I was thrilled when PB Crave offered to send me some samples to celebrate. Two words – HOLY YUM! This stuff is good. Hide it from me right now good. There are so many ways that you could enjoy it but I personally like mine – by the spoonful.

3. I’m feeling a little bit more prepared for winter running now that I found THE BEST mittens. My hands are always painfully cold as soon as the temps drop. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but I’m pretty certain I have Raynaud’s. No amount of doubling up on mittens or gloves has ever helped. But I think the Saucony Run Mitt may be the answer. I wore them on two morning runs this week. Each day the temps were in the 30s. My hands were actually sweating. SWEATING! That has never happened. The true test will be when it gets frigid cold. Toasty fingers crossed!

4. I’m committing myself to participating and completing the #healinghearts yoga Instagram challenge this month. Of course, I love sharing my yoga pics but I love that it’s all about what you are thankful for in each and everyday. And I’m wearing my Embrace the Hill tank. Do you have yet? If not, go to Sarah right now!

5. I voted and got my first Starbucks Red Cup of the season. Civil and blogger duty done for the day.

5 Things

1. Wrong turn leads to losing a marathon – The Manchester Marathon was last weekend. Two men in the lead at mile 24, ran off course and subsequently, did not finish the race. The race organizers have decided to award the men each $1,250 or half of the combined prize money for the top two finishers. Do you think that’s right or was it their fault for not noticing the signs?

2. Runner Marci – I loved, loved, loved elite runner Marci’s recap of the NYC Marathon. The way she described it made me feel like I was right there running with her. Although I’d have to be strapped to her back because there’s no way I’d be keeping up!

3. NYC Marathon: A Volunteer’s Perspective – Just reading Alison’s recap of her experience as a volunteer gave me chills and had me tearing up. It makes me want to volunteer at races more often.

4. Feetures! Socks and Zooma Cape Cod – It’s so fun to see the finished video that Feetures shot during Zooma Cape Cod in September. I knew I should have asked Kelly and Nancy for their autographs! I even got a little cameo in it – rambling and talking with my hands like I always do. BTW – if you are thinking of a racecation for 2015, Zooma is it! Use my code, ANGELA15, at checkout for 10% off your entry fee.

5. If Hallmark Made Cards for Runners – I’d buy every single one!

What would you like to high 5 today?

Anyone running long or racing over the weekend?

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  1. YAY! Glad your running is going better, I thought that is what would happen with you, and your patience has paid off ๐Ÿ™‚ I love mittens rather than gloves for colder day (and good choice of brand ;P).

    As for the marathon, even though I have been one to win prize money that high, and I would be REALLY mad if that was me, I think for them to split the money like that, they may have accepted they did a pretty poor job of putting up signs. I get mad when courses are not marked correctly, especially towards the end and I am in the front. That being said, I know how pushy agents can be, and I am sure they put up a huge fight….hmmm
    Tina Muir recently posted..SO Delicious ReviewMy Profile

    1. I hope you get Randy as your RRCA course instructor. He’s hilarious but definitely can get the class off track. It’s overwhelming the info you’ll receive in 2 days, but so well worth it!

  2. Love that first pic, similar to Christine’s! Peaceful. I’m so glad you’re feeling better with the running. That’s awesome news. And I need to check out those gloves! My fingers are always frozen during the winter.

    1. Everything I’ve read has been conflicting stories about signage and volunteers being in the right spot. Knowing that the race paid the guys, makes me think that it was their fault.

  3. Glad running is getting better for you! And will have to check out those gloves – I’m the layer on cheap glove and get cold hands still type of winter runner haha I was at the Manchester marathon watching my husband and other GCS teammates… I can’t imagine how the top two felt – especially getting to a dead end neighborhood! I think the race organizers are doing right by awarding them part of the money. Or at least offer them free entry for next year or something.

    My husband has had this happen in races before – a local 5k the lead bile lead him (the 1st place overall runner) to wrong way and he ended up running the course short. He was like 5 mins ahead of 2nd so it was obvious who won. He also ran a half in Maine this summer where the course ended up being short for a good chunk of the front of the race because a volunteer was standing in the wrong spot.

    It’s really important to make sure courses are marked properly and volunteers know what they’re doing. You can never have enough race singage!

    1. I completely agree! I ran a race over the summer where I wasn’t even remotely close to the front of the pack. However, I was completely alone in one section where there were no signs or volunteers about which way to go. I thankfully made the correct decision to go left rather than straight! And I remember the Maine race fiasco. Such a mess!

  4. Yay for your return to running and being healthy! You continually inspire me to put in more effort with yoga and I’m feeling some positive benefits! Right now I’m just enjoying some “off season” running- no racing, just running because it feels good! Happy Friday and happy weekend!
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  5. I’m so glad that you had such a great week of running!!!
    I need to check out those run mitts because I do have Reynauds and can hardly stand my hands in the mornings (although my new truck has a heated steering wheel and I can’t wait to test it out this week!!!).
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