High Five Friday

Happy High Five Friday!

5 from instagram 92614  happyfitmama.com1. Be still my #motherrunner heart! Have you seen anything cuter than baby Kinvara shoes?

2. A rolling pin is a good for rolling out dough. And muscle knots. See today’s Runfessions for my new ailment.

3. Beach running. Too bad the pic is from August.

4. One last scoop of ice cream from Go Lick’s before closing for the season. The countdown to opening day in April has begun!

5. Coop. Always watching the kids like a hawk while at the playground. He’s gotta know where all his people are at all times.

Tomorrow is the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon!

High five to that for sure! What does not deserve a high five is my Achilles tendon.

A few days ago, I had planned on this post to be all about my goals for the race. After coming off a solid weekend of running, I was thinking a new half marathon PR was in my sights.

Without fail, as soon as I start to feel good, something goes wrong.

I went for a great 10 mile run Tuesday morning. Later that afternoon, as I was walking down stairs, my left Achilles started to hurt. Like not just a twinge but hurt. I stretched for a bit and it felt ok. When the kids and I were walking to the park, I felt it again. This time it felt like the back of my shoe was pushing on a bruise on my Achilles.

Panic quickly set in. Along with 10,000 swears.

Why now? I had not been having any twinges or otherwise issues from my Achilles.

I woke up Wednesday with it feeling ok so I thought I’d try to run. Within 2 miles, I called it.

And then the 10,000 swears started up again.

Since Wednesday I have been rolling (hence the rolling pin), icing, stretching and NOT running. I get twinges every once in awhile but no real pain like on Tuesday. Consulting Dr. Google has me fearing the worst.

As of right now, I’m not even sure if I’m going to run on Saturday. The stubborn me knows that I absolutely could even if it didn’t feel good. But what good would that do? I’ve got Baystate Marathon in 23 days.

Do I want to risk my chance of running that race? Or Honolulu?

It’s wait and see right now. Here’s hoping for the best case scenario. But if I can’t run, that will have to be OK. I will be the best damn cheerleader Zooma Cape Cod has ever seen!

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Have you ever had any Achilles issues?

Have you ever had to back out of a race at the last minute because of an injury?

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  1. Ahhh…such a frustrating thing! I’m sorry. And I can say, I am an Achilles pro so email me if you want ideas–it is very easily rehabbed with the right eccentric work. Be smart and keep the big picture in mind!

  2. Dammit!!! I’m cranking out 10,000 swears for you. I’m so sorry and that totally sucks BUT you have to keep your eyes on the big goals you have. The “stepping stone” races, as I like to call them, have to be the ones to go if you even think you’re going to have issues. I’ll be following your tweets and Instagram to see how things are. I truly hope it all works out for you. You’ve worked SO hard and come SO far!
    Allie recently posted..Resolution Round-Up!My Profile

  3. Oh man injuries are the worst!! I’m so sorry you are dealing with the achilles pain. Once in college our trainer said I couldn’t run because of an injury. It was our only home meet of the year so I told my coach I was hopping in the car and going to the doctor to get a note that said I could run. It was my senior year, our only home meet, and I needed every race to qualify for nationals. So I ran. I knew I wasn’t too hurt to run. So I know that feeling of wanting to run through despite any pain.

    You have to listen to your body and rest if you need it so you don’t miss your big race. πŸ˜‰ I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. I think I just squealed….okay, I know I did….BABY KINVARAS? Those may be one of the cutest things I have ever seen, my children are going to wear those! WHEN I EVENTUALLY have children haha…..dont want to make it seem like thats any time soon!

    Okay, back to the importance…..sorry, distracted there…..I actually have a bit of achilies soreness right now, and I really find the eccentric calf raises are helping it a lot. I have been using primal sport mud, and staying on flat ground as much as possible. Thats all I have for help. I am getting active release today, and that is meant to help too, keep those calves loose!
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  5. I love love those baby Sauconys!! So super cute. As for your Achilles? I’m so sorry friend! That’s super frustrating. I’ve felt twinges in mine every once in a while over the last month or so (and of course right before RTB) and am too stubborn to do anything about it. Stretching and rolling my calf has helped a bit, especially if I stop in the middle of run when it bothers me. But like Amanda said, better to keep the big picture in mind. Fingers crossed for you!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  6. I used to use my rolling pin too. It’s amazing what items around the house work for rolling out muscles, like golf balls for example. I’m so sorry that you’re having the achilles issues though. I’ve never had any problems with mine (knock on wood) but I feel like that’s a more severe issue as it’s not “just” muscle. May be time for a doctor’s visit?

  7. Hmmm, if it still feels off this weekend I wouldn’t run and save yourself for your bigger goals. Total bummer. I’ve had Achilles trouble in the past and it just takes time, ice, and a lot of stretching. Hope it heals up soon!
    EB @ Running on E recently posted..Friday FiveMy Profile

  8. Oh fingers crossed for you! If the marathon is the big goal, I would probably play it safe and skip the half.. but it’s so hard to know what to do. You could feel fine running but there is also the chance you won’t. You’re smart to rest all week!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Goals Check InMy Profile

  9. I’m in the same situation with Zooma tomorrow! My IT band has suddenly flared up and I am absolutely pissed off beyond belief. A MILLION SWEARS. I don’t have other race plans afterward like you do, so I definitely plan to try to do it. But man oh man…I sure hope I finish what I start!
    Caitlin recently posted..Reach the Beach Part 3: Two Runs & Done!My Profile

  10. Ugh, those weird twinges are the worst for a runner! Take it easy at the race and be willing to quit if needed, why risk your chances to run the marathons. BTW Honolulu Marathon is gorgeous! I ran it in 2007 and running up Diamond Head as the sunrises was the best.
    Jen recently posted..Fall fun!My Profile

  11. Oh no! I’ve had achilles issues before, and they are no fun. This is a really timely post–I actually had something similar-sounding last Friday: I was feeling fine and BAM! later that day, achilles pain with every walking step! I rested for 3 days until I was able to bend my ankle in every way with no pain, and now I’m back and running just fine. The achilles was my very first running injury a few years ago–I tried to run through it and ended up being out for 3 months, so I’ve learned that it’s not one to run through.
    Karen recently posted..just about fallMy Profile

  12. I hope everything feels good and that you can run your race (and run it well). Listen to your body though, and if you have to quit, just do it. Like you said, the long term goals are more important.

    I had a problem a few years ago with my Achilles, caused I think by a mis-adjustment of my bike seat of all things. I had to quit part way through a half marathon and basically walk back. Hated it, but finally gave myself time to heal.
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  13. ugh that is seriously the worst. October is always a sketchy month for me. I have to be healthy this year but last year I had to miss the STL Rock ‘n’ Roll because I was just too sick. πŸ™
    Katie recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

  14. Rest that Achilles!!!
    I’ve struggled with a chronic Achilles problem for 20 years (since I coached college cross country and ran injured every day!!!).
    I’ve been keeping up through FB and hoping that you are doing better now!!!
    Kim recently posted..Ready for a Rest DayMy Profile

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