High Five Friday

High Five Friday is here!!!!

I’m leaving the seacoast of New Hampshire bright and early this morning with my Reach the Beach teammates and heading North to Cannon Mountain. I’m excited but clueless about what to expect. My first leg isn’t till about 5 p.m. Not my best time of day but my 2nd is at 3 a.m. That’s going to be very, very interesting! I’ll be sharing pics on Instagram and Facebook so stop by and cheer me on!

We are Team #islagiatt

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1. One of my all time favorite stretches especially when my mileage gets up there. So important for the hips flexors.

2. One morning run this week called for long sleeves and thumbholes. 48 degrees this early in September is just not cool. Although I’m loving my new Saucony DayBreak Long Sleeve!

3. Still cheating on Greek with Stonyfield Petite Creme. Did you know it’s actually cheese not yogurt? It’s so good!

4. I’m digging this prize pack from my winning recipe for Blake’s Natural #Blakes Pairing contest. Everything is handmade from New Hampshire Board and Bowl.

5. Best fortune in a long time.

5 Things

1. 10 Habits of (Insanely) Passionate Runners – How many of these are your running habits? I fully embrace my running short tan lines during the summer. Not that cute but it’s all mine!

2. The New Apple Watch – Who’s already saving their pennies for when it’s released? It sounds pretty amazing!

3. Failyn Fox Cowl – This has nothing to do with health or fitness but it’s just too dang cute! I knit but there’s no way my skills can accomplish that. My daughter saw it and went ape for it. Too bad the seller doesn’t actually make the cowl.

4. The Iron Nun – Sister Madonna Buder came across my Facebook feed the other day. I am in awe. Never say you are too old. Never say never. Never cross a catholic nun. Trust me – I went to catholic school!

5. Great Wall Marathon – A stair climbing marathon…oh my legs just hurt thinking about it! Have you done it or know of anyone?

What would you like to high five today?

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  1. You know what I actually don’t care for the new apple watch.
    I recently finished “run like crazy” an Aussie guy running 52 marathons in 52 weeks. One of those was the great wall. I also read another story of someone else (it was def a blog) who did it as well. I can’t remember who though.
    I’m high fiving starting work. I don’t have a set roster yet, but I will soon. I’m excited.
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  2. Good luck this weekend!! I have friends that are running it too (at least I think that is where they are, is there more than one Reach the Beach going on this weekend??). Anyhow, I can’t wait to hear about your experience! I was just thinking this morning that it would be a good time.
    Please be thinking about me on Sunday if you get a chance – I’m running the Erie Marathon and making my 3th attempt at a BQ. I hope 3 is my lucky number!!!!!

  3. Good luck at RTB! I also embrace/love short tan lines. It means I actually am less pale. I’d like to think I try to follow a lot of those other habits, but something of them don’t happen often enough…enough sleep for instance.

    I think I missed your Blake’s post, will have to check it out and try some Blake’s products as well.

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