High Five Friday

I’m not really too excited for this Friday just because that means my vacation is coming to an end. And really it hasn’t been too much of a vacation. Remember I’ve mentioned a few times that I had a nasty cold? Turns out it was a sinus infection. I found this out when I woke up Tuesday with a red eye that progressively got worse through the day. When it started draining gunk, I knew it was conjunctivitis. After spending a couple of hours at the walk in clinic, I had prescription for an antibiotic. Who knew a sinus infection could lead to conjunctivitis? I do now.

Let’s high five Friday anyhow.

Five from Instagram – are you following me?

5 from instagram 82214  happyfitmama.com1. Soaking up the last days of the #RunRise.

2. 10 mile beach run on a Monday. Wish I could do that every week.

3. One of my favorite post run stretches. Feels so good in the hips.

4. A boy and his dog.

5. Into the great wide open.

Five Four Things – I kind of went MIA from my computer on purpose for a couple of days so I only have 4 things to share this week.

1.  Breaking Bad Stars Unite. Ron and I were very late to watching Breaking Bad. We finished up all the seasons earlier this summer and loved it. I miss the guys so it was good to see them back together.

2. How to Believe in Yourself. With marathon training, I’ve talked about how I’ve gone through periods of doubting my running abilities. Leo’s post came just at the right time. And Sisu too.

3. How to build endurance for long runs while in rehab – good tips on increasing your stamina without aggravating an injury.

4. I’m so excited to meet Christine in person today!!

What would you like to high five today?

27 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Sinus infection? Ick, I am sorry to hear that Angela, that is not when you wanna have it….well, you never would, but especially not on vacation. Hope you feel better soon. Interested to read the believe in yourself post. I am a big fan of positive thinking to achieve 🙂 Have a great weekend….well as best you can 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted..Secrets to Success: 8 Minutes to a Stronger CoreMy Profile

  2. Oh, boo to the sinus infection – hope you are feeling much better after a few days on antibiotics!!! So fun that you are going to meet Christine today!!! Enjoy the last little bit of your vacation!
    Kim recently posted..Birthdays Then and NowMy Profile

  3. Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly! High fiving that I only have one more day of in-office work before vacation after today. Having very limited access to internet for a week will be good.

  4. Ewww, yuck! I am on vacation this week but have the kids home. Still hoping to eek out some me time. Oddly, I could never get into Breaking Bad. John watched it on the trainer last winter. Hope you and Christine had a great time. Its always so much fun meeting up in person!

  5. I got something stuck up my nose recently and let me tell you that was no fun, so I can only imagine what the sinus infection was like. And conjuntivitis yuck, the eye drops for that taste feral.
    I high five coming 3rd in a race I ran in yesterday!
    Beautiful photo’s. totally forgot about that stretch, will have to include that one. Thanks.

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