High Five Friday

High Five Friday!

I am beyond happy to be bustin’ out my Friday dance moves today.

As of 3 p.m. I am off of work for one whole week. We don’t have any huge plans. What I’m most excited about? Having two full days ALL to myself. The kids will be at school and Ron will be at work. I can’t even remember the last time that happened. I have dreams of running (hopefully…but that’s another story) whenever I want and being gone for hours with no schedule at all.

Watch out Seacoast…there’s a crazy running mama lose!

5 from instagram 81514 happyfitmama.com1. It’s been way too long since I have participated in an Instagram yoga challenge. I’ve been jumping in on a couple whenever I can. Confession: I’ve been slacking BIG time on my yoga practice. It’s basically been nonexistent. I was thrilled to learn I won a month free of YogaDownload.com from Debbie last week. With it I plan on doing at least 1 session of yoga every day for the next 30 days. Bring on the OM!

2. Racing the rain clouds. I won but just barely. The skies opened up within 10 minutes of making it home.

3. I’ve had a rough week of running. I’ve got a wicked cold that’s left me hacking and congested. Because of it, my sleep has been horrible. On top of that, I got a massage on Sunday. I had her really focus on my calves, particularly my left. I’ve had some serious knots in it for weeks. I think she aggravated something in there because my upper calf/behind my knee has been cranky all week. I decided to take off Monday and Tuesday from running. I tested it out on Wednesday and my knee ached all day. I then decided I should take more time off. So I’m not running again till Saturday. Fingers crossed it’s all good.

4. Fresh tomatoes and zucchini straight from my neighbor’s garden. YUM!

5. My first Skirt Sports skirt. I love the color and the pleats. So cute!

5 Things

1. The ALS ice water challenge: how much it’s raised so far. – I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere on your news feed. Who knew it would raise so much money? That’s awesome! Keep dumping everyone.

2. 5 Things Women Couldn’t Do in the 1960s – We’ve come a long way ladies!

3. Tune Up – I love everything Kristin writes. Every time I read one of her RW posts or reread her book, I shake my head and say ‘YES!’ I’ve never really thought about the difference between letting go and giving up but there really is a huge difference. I need to remember that in my every day life.

4. Robin Williams, My Teammate. – I was shocked when I heard the news of Robin Williams passing. There has been a lot of remembrance articles circulating about his acting and charity work but this one is about a young man on the verge of becoming a star who just was a really, really fast runner.

5. Just for laughs – 11 Puzzling and Explicit Country Music Lyrics. #7,9, and 10 are the best. What were the writers of these songs thinking?

What would you like to high five today?

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  1. I always thought that was the best part of being a mom who works outside the home…being able to take a day off and take the kids to daycare anyway. I use doyogawithme.com. It’s free but I am going to check out the one you mentioned above. Too hard to get to actual classes these days.
    Tara Newman recently posted..How to Create a Weekly TemplateMy Profile

  2. The women’s article is so interesting – not having a credit card is so beyond me. Did women not do all the shopping back in the 60’s? We’re taking vacation week after next and I couldn’t be more excited to get away and not even think about work for a whole 7 days. I do some work from home so I never really escape it. Enjoy your 2 days alone!

  3. WooHoo – enjoy your week off and the 2 days to yourself!!! I hope your calf is better so that you can enjoy some good runs.
    Thanks for including the link to Robin Williams as a teammate – I had no idea that he was a runner!!!
    Kim recently posted..A New BeginningMy Profile

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