High Five Friday

Let’s slap some skin for High Five Friday!

5 from instagram 71814  happyfitmama.com1. You know it’s summer running when your shins are sweaty. Soupy runs were what I ate for breakfast all week.

2. Caprese Quinoa Bake – so gooooood! I used THIS recipe as a reference but mostly did my own thing.

3. Sunrise or as I like to call it RUNrise.

4. Pleasantly surprised when a Starbucks barista popped out of nowhere while I was shopping at Target. It’s like she knew I was craving an iced coffee. Of course, I got a larger size upon leaving the store. Well played Starbucks. Well played.

5. The light at the top of the hill. This is the view from a portion of the big ass hill I’ll be climbing at the end of next weekend’s 10k race. That’s just cruel to have the finish line at the top of a hill!

5 Things

1. VOTE – I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of vote for me pleas for people hoping to make the cover of Runner’s World. This is a plea for my friend Sarah. She deserves to be on the cover because she’s a real runner who has tremendous love of the sport and her family. She’s doing amazing things for CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth) all in the name of her son. She’s an inspiration to me and so many others. Just click HERE and vote away!

2. This infographic is mind blowing! Would you want to climb the world’s tallest building 19 times or run a marathon?

How Long is a Marathon?

3. Nude Racing – Would you ever? Ummm…no thank you. It just sounds painful and would probably make my eyes bleed.

4. 22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises – I’ve been getting back into using my kettlebell more often. It’s such a versatile piece of equipment that you can use anywhere. Just make sure your kids or dog doesn’t get in the way. Ouch!

5. Romance for Athletes – This is just too fun. Read it, laugh and love it! She spotted him in line at the port-a-potties…

What would you like to high five today?

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  1. Angela! Thank you so much for the mention and for the plea for votes:) Seriously! And that info graphic. Usually I just scroll over info graphics cause I don’t find them very interesting…but this one had my attention! Haha. So fun to see how the numbers stack up. At first I thought that Quinoa bake was a grilled pizza, but I love the idea of that! Thanks so much, again!
    Sarah @runfargirl recently posted..Making Your Running a Family AffairMy Profile

  2. Happy Friday!!
    I’m high-fiving being back home with the boys – it was a great week of vacation but coming home always makes me happy!
    Kim recently posted..VacationMy Profile

  3. I haven’t done a run at sunrise / runrise in ages. Now that the days are slowly getting longer that may be possible, yay.
    My high five for the day, getting a new 5km pb of 22:29, very happy about that.
    Matilda recently posted..100 Happy DaysMy Profile

  4. Ok so I’m a little late this week but it did not disappoint! I think Sarah is awesome and I’ve voted for her as well – even though I’m in it too 🙂
    High five to being on a mini-vacation with the fam and seeing a few run-rises myself 🙂
    Allie recently posted..BIG NEWS! I’m A Fly GirlMy Profile

  5. I always think the calorie burning charts are interesting, but we should also keep in mind how many calories we burn per day by just living. It’s okay to indulge every now and then and no need to try to run it off. I try to keep most of my eats whole foods, but eat a little dessert every night. I love putting RUN in everything too! It’s a RUNderful day!
    Nikki @ grab your kicks recently posted..Five Things Friday 7.18.14My Profile

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