High Five Friday

Hello Friday!

This weekend is a big one – my babies are turning FOUR! How did that happen?

a & L 3months  Happyfitmama.com

It just seems like yesterday they were itty bitty things that I had to do every single thing for. Now they are all about doing everything for themselves. Well, at least most of the time.

I’m bummed out that I will be at RRCA Run Coach Certification all weekend. I’m excited about the classes but am having extreme mama guilt for not spending the day with them. I know it’s one day and they probably won’t even miss me but still.

I feel bad.

Anyway…let’s start slapping some skin for High Five Friday!

5 from instagram 62014 | happyfitmama.com

1. Wanna race? I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic. Now that I revealed how I get all of my running pics, I can tell you that this one was by complete chance. I was just in the right place, right time when the timer went off. Don’t be surprised to see this pic and others often!

2. An absolute perfect summer day on the seacoast of New Hampshire!

3. I’ve got a serious cherry addiction right now. I’ve been putting them in everything from salads to oats. So good!

4. The next best thing to jumping in a pool post drippy sweaty run – a bone chilling sprinkler! I apologize to my neighbors if my shrieking woke you up.

5. More seacoast love.

5 Things To…

Watch:  Baby Got Back -> This is by far the best Brian Williams rap yet!

Vote: My friend Sarah, aka Run Far Girl is in the finals for being on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine. She’s been through so much in the past year or so with her son AND she just totally rocked Sugarloaf Marathon last month. So go and VOTE (daily) for her!

Eat: This time of year I’m all about easy salads that don’t require much work. The addition of fresh fruit always makes for a nice sweet bite (see above!). Davida’s Apricot & Edamame Quinoa Salad has all of my favorites in one bowl. YUM!

Do: Paige explains how to truly brace your core. Stop trying to hold a static plank for 10 minutes and start engaging your core the right way to reap the benefits.

Read: My latest post on Competitor Magazine and Saucony 26 Strong is all about nutrition and training. With the start of marathon training beginning soon (more on that in the near future!), I’m back at finding the right mix of what works for me during the run.

What would you like to High 5 today?

24 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Woohooo!!!! Happy Friday mama and happy, happy birthday to your twin babies!!! OMG where does the time go? I cannot believe mine will be in Kindergarten in Sept!? How did this happen??
    LOVE that running pic!
    Allie recently posted..The Portugal Parking DebacleMy Profile

  2. That photo of you running is fantastic! I have yet to find a sprinkler to run through this year.

    Loved how Paige spelled it all out on the plank. Trying to have that core engagement in everything these days–not easy!

  3. I want to high five my father’s doctors today…He has struggled with Crohn’s Disease for almost 50 years…including multiple near death times….and tomorrow we are celebrating his 70th birthday!!! My husband asked me today if I can believe that my Dad was turning 70 and I remarked…I can’t believe he has made it this far!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Sun Safe Summer with Block Island OrganicsMy Profile

  4. Love this post ! I think all the great links will keep me online for a while, lol. Glad I stopped by.

    Mommy guilt will always creep in now & then, no matter how wonderful we all are. Be well – you’re doing the right thing, and I’m sure your sweet ones are growing up knowing you celebrate them all the time!

  5. I want to high-five getting to spend the afternoon with my husband. He’s been gone for work a lot lately, so it’ll be nice to chill together. We’re planning a trip to the pool if the weather cooperates 🙂

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