High Five Friday

Happy High Five Friday!

For a short work week, this seemed like awfully long one. Am I the only one who thought this?

Let’s celebrate the end of the week with some high fives!

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1. Morning hill repeats. Hills have never been my friend. I’m not sure we’ll ever be BFF’s but I’m working on our relationship. I’ll be happy with being cordial to each other. And can we talk about the weather? It was 37 degrees Thursday morning when I left for my run. It’s the end of May. That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong.

2. Wild thing. You make my heart sing.

3. Fresh blueberries. I’m counting down the days till blueberries are in season here in NH. That is if the weather will cooperate.

4. See those happy faces? That’s after some girl time on the trails. Love it!

5. One of my favorite roads to run on. Right now it’s like a canopy of lush green covering you as you run along. It’s quiet and along the water. So pretty.

5 Things

1. A Physiological View of What the Body Goes Through During an Ironman. The exercise physiology geek in me was loving this article. It’s quite amazing what the body can withstand.

2. Things to think about on your next run. No, not the world’s problems but what you look like running. I’ve seen myself on video analysis. It’s not pretty but it gave me vital information to work on. Very good read for all runners.

3. 25 Golden Rules of Running. Are you a rule breaker? I’ve broken quite a few including 4, 5, 7 and 15.

And for some laughs…

4. 33 Parents Whose Sense of Humor I Admire. I’m still laughing about the parents picture of a selfie. Sounds like something my parents would do.

5. The Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog Buying Guide. All of it is the truth. Seriously. Who designs for Victoria’s Secret anyway?

What or who would you like to high five today?

32 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Love that happy smile! I hate doing 800s more than hill repeats. I actually don’t mind a hill that has a rewarding downside. What I hate are those slow, LOOOOONNNNG inclines that go on forever and creep up on you. That’s pretty much how my whole neighborhood seems to be.

    1. I actually like hill repeats just because I know it’s temporary and quick. Although after that run I had to run another 2 miles home and was cursing every single hill I had to climb. Which seemed to be A LOT!

    1. Never. I want the heat. If I ever complain about it being too hot, I need a slap across the face to remember how cold I was all winter long.

  2. The VS swim catalog post was hilarious. I also loved the HuffPo piece on the running analysis. I’ve had some of that done but it makes me want to go make an appt at NYU to get the full analysis. Total geek that I want to read the 25 page report?? Love all your photos on your run but I can’t believe it was that cold either!
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    1. I so want to get the full blown analysis too. Even more now that it’s been almost 9 months since my first one. I want to see if I’ve improved.

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