High Five Friday

High Five Friday January 5 2018 happyfitmama.com

The first High Five Friday of the new year.  It feels so fresh and so right.

5 from Instagram

1 ) Snow pup.  On Christmas day, my parents and I went snowshoeing in the fresh snow.  Cooper was like a puppy again!

2 ) When the polar vortex is unrelenting and you just want to feel sweat again, the treadmill is a must.  Who else is treadmill-ing it more than usual right now?

3 ) I get asked all the time about what do I wear on my hands for cold runs.  HANDS DOWN (see what I did there!) the BEST mittens are from Saucony.  I can’t find them anymore but THESE are a close second.

4 ) After owning a pair of Stabilicers for two years and really not liking them the first time I tried them, I tried it again.  And you know what?  They aren’t so bad!  I didn’t slip or fall at all on my run and that was even on total ice.

5 ) Sunsets and fresh, crisp air.  Winter isn’t so bad.

5 good reads

1 ) 2017: A Year of Rediscovering Joy – This will be me in 2018.  This part really hit home for me -> “I am not broken so stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.” If you are known as “the injured runner”, you know that running on borrowed time is exhausting.  It’s time to stop it.  Stop it all. And don’t even bring up the word comeback.  I’m not trying to recreate the past.

2 ) My Weight Has Nothing to Do With How Good A Runner I Am – Yassss.  Elites get it. Regular, everyday women get it.  Why?  Why do we have to put weight into running?  Obviously, Allie is a kick ass runner no matter what her size is.  I can’t wait to see where this up and coming elite runner is going!

3 ) Take a Bet on Yourself – Would the 10 year old version of you kick your ass for not trying something that sounded fun?  Be a 10 year old and try it.  What do you have to lose?

4 ) 2018 Goal Setting: The Examples – I love this worksheet from the Mother Runner crew on writing specific goals for each month of the new year.  You know I’ve printed mine out!

5 ) 20 Running Resolutions that are Easy AF – I don’t like the word resolutions, but I can fully get behind these. 🙂

What would you like to High 5 today?

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