High Five Friday

High Five Friday November 10 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Sorry that I disappeared this week after Monday.  Life got busy so the blog posts got put on the back burner so I could attend to other things. Life happens!

It’s the end of the week, time to high five the good things.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram and Instagram Stories.  Are you following me?  Please do!

1 ) Look at me…running outside. It feels a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

2 ) The golden hour.

3 ) Life’s short, run fast.  Yes. Yes it is. And if you are looking for a super comfy sweatshirt, you need this one from Sarah Marie Design Studio.  Not a sponsored or affiliate link.  I just love her stuff!

4 ) A full moon brings out all kinds of crazy.  And when it falls on a Friday, it’s extra crazy.  Why can’t people just stay home that day?

5 ) Look at me running outside again. 🙂  So now that we are in more seasonable temperatures, I’m trying to remember what I need to wear on my runs to stay not too hot and not too cold.  I should write this stuff down.

5 Good Reads

1 ) Running a Marathon? Think Hot Tub, Not Ice – For years, ice was my go-to after a hard workout or race but recently I’ve been leaning more towards hot epsom salt soaks instead.  It feels better (who wants to freeze?) and new research shows that ice doesn’t do anything for inflammation.  Maybe it’s time to make the switch and ditch the freeze?

2 ) First Female Runner Wins Major Half Marathon at Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon – It’s been a HUGE week for women’s running!

3 ) Inspiring Lessons from Shalane’s New York City Marathon Victory – I think we are all still feeling all the feels from Shalane’s win.  I’ve been rewatching it and get chocked up with goosebumps.  So inspiring!

4 ) The Best Route to Big Fitness? Small Steps. – Go big or go home doesn’t always apply in your fitness endeavors.  Small steps lead to big leaps should be your motto.

5 ) Let the Four Letter Word Fly: Shalane Flanagan Won the NYC Marathon – With so much emotion, you can’t fault Shalane for yelling out “F@ck Yes!” as she crossed the finish line last Sunday.  I know I would be dropping f-bombs left and right.  I love it and I love that it’s become the new mantra for badass lady runners.  Why not?

What would you like to High 5 today?

9 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Hooray for running outside! Thank you for sharing my link – I still get the goosebumps rewatching it also. We are on the same wavelength about the ice baths – they never appealed to me and it’s good to now a warm bath is possibly better!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Friday ThriveMy Profile

  2. I’m not going to get any fall running in this year. le sigh. But hopefully I will next year (with a Rob the Bob!). I’ve always been a hot epsom salt bath person. I can count on 1 hand the number of icy baths I’ve taken!

  3. I’m such an accountant nerd – I have a Google sheet where I keep track of what the temp was, the wind chill was, the time of day, and what I wore on the bottom, top and for outer layers. Then, when I wake up at 0 dark o’clock and check the weather I know exactly what to wear. Who am I kidding? I check the hourly forecast the night before and lay out what I’m going to wear the next morning so I don’t wake dh up. It’s very handy to have that list!

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