High Five Friday

High Five Friday November 3 2017 happyfitmama.comHappy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – Are you following me on Instagram?  Please do!

1 ) Back when the fall was wonderful and vibrant.  Now things are becoming brown and drab.  Especially after the Nor’easter last Sunday.

2 ) My crazy crew on Halloween night.  Having a stash of costumes means the adults can dress up on a whim.

3 ) The cutest Halloween ghost runner around.  Score 15% off for next year with code FITMAMA15 from GoneForaRun.com.

4 ) Rounding out Squat-ober.  Hahaha.  See what I did there? 😉

5 ) I love this stretch of road no matter what the season but fall looks especially good on it.

5 Good Reads

1 ) Ragged 75 Stage Race and 50k – This is the race that my friend and running buddy, Lori, was trying to convince me to do.  After watching the pics roll across Facebook of everyone running the race in August, it made me wish I had done it even though it was insanely brutal. This race report comes from the founder of my running group, Six03 Endurance, who is also the race director of Ragged.  It’s really well written but it also has a wonderful feel good story about the power of running not just physically but mentally.

2 ) Resilience – Huge life changing events can leave you feeling drained, anxious and questioning where your life is going.  Being resilient in hard times makes you stronger.  Easier said than done, right?  I love reading this post from Hillary about her recovery from a serious life threatening fall in a race over the summer.

3 ) 4 Steps for Injury Free Running – That’s something we all want, right?

4 ) Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner – When the going gets tough, smile?  Think about when you see a spectator holding a funny sign during a race or when you see friends or family out on the course.  You smile and forget that you are in the pain cave.  Time to start recruiting friends to line up along the course of your next race!

5 ) Marathon-Winning Mom of 4 Bust the “No Time” Myth – The “no time” for exercise is about the worst excuse out there.  You make time!

What would you like to High 5 today?

12 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Love the Halloween crew pic and I think I told you I picked that same shirt from Gone for A Run! I got a lot of compliments (and maybe a few eye rolls) when I wore it to my kids “harvest party” at school 🙂
    I think I read ALL of your articles this week except for the insane race from Ragged. I was in awe of the “Resilience” story. Holy WOW.
    Have a great weekend!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – My Mind Is Playing Tricks on MeMy Profile

  2. I already follow you on Instagram 😉 Loved the Halloween costumes. You remind me that I really need to spend this weekend finishing up a book I started 2 months ago (I know…I know).

  3. Love the costumes! My suzicorn onesie was up in storage, and my gimp status meant that I couldn’t get to it.
    Smiling TOTALLY makes you a faster runner, because it helps you perk up and then, as you release the smile, your face relaxes, meaning that you can put that effort into your actual running!

  4. Love the costumes! I want to dress my future kids up as Ghostbusters and Star Wars characters also because both of those make such great costumes (and my kids will probably be like me and love those movies). The smiling article was my favorite this week!

  5. I think Bikram yoga is great but I do not get to it very often as it is a big time commitment. This week I did a couple of bootcamps, training, and Zumba.

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