High Five Friday

High Five Friday October 27 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

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1 ) Fall in New Hampshire – nothing better!

2 ) The waiting is the hardest part.  I finally got back on the Alter G at PT this week and have been itching to get back to running outside.  Maybe a short jaunt will happen over the weekend?

3 ) My brown dog.  Sometimes he’s a good boy and sits on command.  Sometimes he gets into the garbage and eats a moldy container of hummus and numerous yogurt tubes and then has massive diarrhea.  Dog ownership is so glamorous. *insert eye roll *

4 ) And then there’s my show off husband who likes to pop up into headstand while hiking to be a smart ass when I ask him to take a yoga picture. *insert eye roll *

5 ) My two hiking monkey’s.  Thankfully I always pack TONS of snacks for hikes.  If you think you have enough, pack more.  There’s never enough snacks when it comes to kids and hiking. *insert eye roll *

5 Good Reads

1 ) What Half Marathons Teach Us About Running a Marathon – Of course running a marathon will deplete you more than a half marathon.  But I love the take away from this study.  Can you guess what it is?  Strength training is the way to go. Are you strength training at least a couple of times a week?  If not, you should be!

2 ) So Long, Meb!  – It’s hard to believe that this guy is running his last marathon soon.  He’s such a likable guy who has had an amazing running career. I remember watching him win Boston in 2014 and having all the feels.

3 ) 25 Tweets About Married Life That Are Hilariously Accurate – After being married for 15 years, I can say that most of these are in fact, very accurate.  Ahhh, married life. 🙂

4 ) Speedy Mom Smashes World Record for a Marathon with a Stroller – I bow down.  Seriously.  A 3:10 marathon pushing a stroller. That’s insane. But the interesting thing?  She hasn’t been injured once since she started running with a stroller.  Maybe I need to get back to that?  Ummmm…no.

5 ) 82 Year Old Broke the Appalachian Trail Age Record – Age is nothing but a number.  When you start believing “I’m too old” that’s when things start to fail.  Love this guys drive to never stop doing what he loves.

What would you like to High 5 today?

8 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. So many eye rolls on a Friday!…and so appropriate!! My kids never have enough snacks for a car ride, let alone a hike!! The amount they eat is insane. Hoping to get them and the dog and husband out for a hike this weekend 🙂 #allthefood
    Have a great one!
    And “duh” to the marathon vs half marathon study but how many runners take strength training seriously?
    Hope you get to run over the weekend too!
    Allie recently posted..What a Runner Eats #RunItWednesdayMy Profile

  2. there really is NOTHING better than fall in New Hampshire! I need to get up there one last weekend before all the leaves drop and the frost sets in (My parents live in NH, but I am based in Boston and SO excited to have stumbled upon your blog!!)
    And I know that hiking with kids life; I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, but my niece loves to hike and we had one memorable hike in Franconia Notch when she was 8 where she literally sat down in a mud puddle and refused to talk to me or move until she had finished a snack. She’s turning 12 soon and I will hold the pictured of her sitting on that muddy trail over her head forever.
    Thanks for the reading recommendations!

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