High Five Friday

High Five Friday October 20 2017 happyfitmama.comHappy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram

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1 ) I’ve got mountains to climb.  And I’ll do it wearing prAna.  There’s still time to save 15% off your order from prAna with code MHMAB15 at checkout.  This Penelope has become a staple for me every since I got it in September.

2 ) The only running I did this week was in the pool.  That’s quite boring with not the best scenery so why not a picture of me running by the water instead?  Much prettier.

3 ) Leaves and feet pics – what bloggers live for this time of year.  Am I right or what?

4 ) Lighting is everything.  I look like Popeye but it’s all thanks to the magical lighting at Planet Fitness.  Lol.

5 ) New kicks for lil’ man.  We are a Saucony loving family obvi.  Big thanks to Saucony for making my kids look good!

5 Good Reads

1 ) The Most Underrated Endurance Workout? Hiking – I could not agree more that hiking is such a great workout.  It’s not only good for the body but it’s good for you mentally.  Being immersed in nature will do that to you.  And you may find that you push yourself harder but with less perceived effort when outside. What are you waiting for?  Get hiking!

2 ) Why the Runners Nod Matters – One of my biggest pet peeves…getting denied the wave, nod or hello from another runner.  Runner’s are friendly people.  Don’t forget to acknowledge another runner.  I’m lucky to live in an area that has many friendly runners.  What about where you live?  Do you get the nod, wave or hello often while out on a run?

3 ) No Permission Needed: BeYOUtiful – This post from Suzy is spot on.  We are always waiting for the next big milestone so we can justify something.  Live in the moment and be yourself right now.

4 ) Here’s the Difference Between Running and Being a Runner – Where are you in your running story?  If someone asked, I would confidently say, I am a runner (even though my running mojo is lacking right now).  It’s a part of me. It didn’t start that way as I’m sure it didn’t for most of you.

5 ) This Race Means Nothing – Running and numbers.  It’s something that goes hand and hand.  But do the numbers really mean anything?  Of course, if you have big goals, they mean something at the time but do they really define you as a person?  Absolutely not. It’s easier said than done to not focus on the numbers but really, it’s just a number.

What would you like to High 5 today?


7 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Oh woman, we are so like-minded! I already added the hiking article to my rundown for Monday and I absolutely LOVED Amanda’s post about the “nod” as it is so, so important!
    Can’t wait to read about how numbers mean nothing. They mean less and less to me as I get older 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Feeling Like A MasterMy Profile

  2. Lady, thank you so much for sharing my BeYoutiful post. I am so happy that it has gotten the response that it has. It was a tough one for me to write–to ty to find the words and to sort through the feelings. And it is something that I will probably continue to struggle with at times of my life. But I feel more at peace now than ever. xoxox

  3. Yessss! I can relate and agree with all of these! Love LOVE hiking and it is a killer workout, especially when you choose the challenging trails and go with someone who is more experienced and can push you! Except being in nature and the mountains or wherever you find yourself outdoors makes it feel more like an adventure and less like a workout!

  4. I have this same pet peeve 🙂 just wave or smile or nod or something, right? Makes you feel like you’re in this mess together, specially if it’s during a tough mile.

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