High Five Friday

High Five Friday September 8 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Insta and Insta Stories.  Are you following me? Please do!

1 ) The best way to start the day.

2 ) Turn your face towards the sun. Better days are coming.

3 ) My old guy.  It’s hard to believe that this time last year we thought he wouldn’t be around much longer.  Now he’s out running like a mad man when out on the trails.

4 ) A bluebird day while hiking last weekend.

5 ) Blue skies, apple picking and comfy in my prAna clothes.  Remember you can get 15% off with code MHMAB15 at checkout until 10/3/17.

5 Good Reads

1 ) On the Ground in Houston and How to Help – I can’t even fathom what life is like in Houston and other areas that got hit hard by Harvey.  There’s still plenty of ways to help.  And now there’s Irma…stay safe everyone!

2 ) Why Most Days I Suck at Running – Now that’s an eye catching title! But this -> “Because sucking at something is necessary.”  YASSSSS!!!  There is more to life than the pursuit of perfection.

3 ) To Strive Together – I love this spin on the word compete!  Rather than looking at competing against one another, why don’t we look at striving together to accomplish a goal?

4 ) Meet the Man Who Destroyed the AT Speed Record – Want to eat 8,000+ calories a day and still be ravenous?  Go for the AT speed record.  It’s amazing what the body can do when you set a goal.  Joe McConaughy did just that with many, many things going against him.

5 ) Why Runners Should Keep It Real – I love Wendy for numerous reasons but her unfiltered writing is high up on the list.  She keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat it.  It’s also called living in the real world.

What would you like to High 5 today?


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