High Five Friday

High Five Friday August 10 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Let’s get right to it and celebrate another weekend upon us.

5 from Instagram

1 ) Laced and ready.

2 ) A low lunge in the woods.  Why not?

3 ) Don’t you think this should be in an L.L. Bean catalog?  Lol.  I was just trying to pack a bag for the beach and Nevada takes over.

4 ) I hit the pool for an early morning workout on Thursday.  I’m used to pool running but doing anything else?  Sooooo out of my comfort zone in the pool.

5 ) A beautiful beach day on Lake Winni except it was so windy it looked more like the ocean than a lake.

5 Good Reads

1 ) Running for Health, Not Size – I first started running because I thought it was a great for weight control.  Now, weight has absolutely nothing to do with running.  I run for how it makes me feel.  It’s the best medicine for my mental health and that’s enough to keep me running.

2 ) The Three Flexibility Stretches You Should Be Doing –  Looking to add more mobility exercises into your day?  Here’s 3 basic exercises that can help you out.

3 ) I’ll Have Another Podcast w/ Jessica Hofheimer – After taking a break from podcasts, I’m back on it.  Lindsey has had some really great guests lately but Jess’ episode is especially good.  She talks about overcoming over training, an injury and finding joy in an unexpected sport.  It’s a good one for all!

4 ) How Not to Be an Asshole – It’s easy to get swept up in the numbers game of running.  It’s not just in a race that the numbers play a part.  It could be your pace on every run. It could be trying to bag the FKT on a route.  Running is meant to be fun. Sure it’s fun to compete but it doesn’t have to be the only thing.  Because it all boils down to this -> “happiness that flows when you’re caring a little less about things and a little more about people.” YES!

5 ) Can Gratitude Actually Make You a Better Runner? – I think so! Whether it’s the kind person giving you a shout out on a run – like last weekend when a spectator said, “Looking strong Angela!” as I felt my energy fading up a hill. Btw – my name was on my bib. 🙂 Or being grateful for a strong and healthy body that can carry you for miles and miles.  I love this article for numerous reasons but especially because it contains two friends of mine.  Allie did a great job writing it and Maureen is a friend of mine from SIX03.  It’s funny how two worlds can collide!

What would you like High 5 today?

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