High Five Friday

High Five Friday with great links to love the week of June 30 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

It’s Friday AND it’s the beginning of a long holiday weekend.  Or at least it is for some of us.  Sorry if you don’t have Monday off.  Boo!!!  I lucked out.  Our boss gave us the choice to be open or closed.  Thankfully, everyone was on board with being closed.

Do you have any big 4th of July plans?

Let’s get right into High 5 Friday!

5 from Instagram – I share more photos on Instagram and Insta Stories.  Are you following me?   Please do!

1 ) Sunrise runs make me so very happy!

2 ) Blue sky days aren’t so bad either.

3 ) But first, let me fix my ponytail.  I love this pic that Julie snapped of me while on our trail run.  I had no idea she took it until I was scrolling through the photos before.  For once, it’s not a staged photo!  Lol!

4 ) We had the first of hopefully, many, movie nights outside last weekend.  The kids loved it and so did Ron and I.  It’s kind of like our own version of a drive-in but without a car.

5 ) The green mile.  My favorite route to take on a run or on the bike during the summer.  The trees create a perfect canopy of green.

5 Good Reads

Pregnancy: Everybody Has an Opinion – If you’ve ever been pregnant (or even trying to get pregnant), how many pieces of advice did you receive?  Of those, how many actually were good?  Everyone has an opinion of what you “should” be doing.  Even men.  The next time you have advice or a horror story to share with a pregnant woman, remember – you do you.

I Survived a Heart Attack While Running – I love this story.  Not because the guy had a heart attack but because he went to Cardiac Rehab afterwards to regain his confidence and reassurance that he could run again.  We have been seeing so many younger, fitter patients similar to this in my facility. It’s shocking that some cardiologists won’t send their younger patients to Cardiac Rehab because they think it’s for “old, out of shape people”.  Not true!  I think anyone can benefit from a program!

Deep Thoughts on the Run: There are No Accidents – Do you believe in fate?  I often think about this very topic while out on long runs.  Is our life already mapped out for us?  Are all the roadblocks and detours part of the plan?  It always irks me when someone says “Everything happens for a reason.”  Does it?  If so, I’d like to know why. ๐Ÿ™‚

Before the Internet – I seriously do no remember what life was like before the internet. It’s kind of sad.  Remember when we had to look up things in Encyclopedia’s?  Do they even make those anymore?

Awful Conditions, Amazing Results – Building mental toughness is huge in running.  I always say it’s 90% of training.  From what I’ve heard, in Ultra-running, it’s more like 95%.  Love the take away from this article that can be applied to any distance. “Training and racing (and life in general) donโ€™t always go as planned. Trails are closed, colds are caught, rain blows in sideways, and temperatures drop. All these things break up our ideas of how our training or race should progress, and that is okay.”  It’s all in prep for the long run.

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What would you like to High 5 today?

6 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. That’s pretty awesome of your boss to give you the option ๐Ÿ™‚
    My High 5 are definitely summer related:
    1. Lazy Lake Days – sometimes just hanging out on the dock is just the best.
    2. Paddleboarding – relaxing plus a great workout, love to mix it up.
    3. Cooking on the grill – summer cookouts are wonderful!
    4. Sleeping with the windows open – on nights that it is cooler, nothing is better than opening the windows on a summer night.
    5. Fireflies – love seeing these little critters pop up all over the yard as it gets dark!

  2. I loved Encarta as a child and I miss it sometimes! But I’m also a huge nerd and I’ll read online encyclopedia articles and liked hardback dictionaries for languages even when the internet became an option. Enjoy your long weekend!

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