High Five Friday

High Five Friday June 16 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

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Catch me if you can kid! It’s not summer running until I take a runfie in front of this mural.

Find Your Strong.  Lately I’ve been finding mine in the gym.  I’m lifting heavier than I have in years and am loving every minute of it.


Isn’t this baby kangaroo adorable?  She made an appearance at my kids’ school for a family fun night.  Is it bad that all I could think about was the video of the guy boxing the kangaroo after it went after his dog?

The first beach day of the season and some much needed Vitamin Sea.  And of course, a #stopdropandyoga moment.

5 Good Reads

What You Say to Yourself Matters  I love this post from Carly because it’s so true.  Our thoughts and words have so much impact on our actions.  Even flipping a negative word to a positive can set you up for failure to success.

Want to Sell Me Sportswear? Show Me an Athlete A couple of friends shared this recently and I fully agree.  Don’t slap a Kardashian on an athletic brand.  Give me a true athlete who wears the gear doing athletic endeavours rather than “looking” athletic.

You’re Not Better Than Anyone This is a post from last year but it popped up on my Facebook feed this week.  I think it’s still true whether it’s in outdoor pursuits or the running community.  Why are we so harsh to judge?  Shouldn’t we applaud the person who is making an effort to get outside and enjoy the woods even though they are just beginning or don’t have the “right” gear?  Although I will say I judge those who decide to do a technical hike in flip flops.  That’s just NOT smart at all.

I Had to Gain 15 Pounds to Get My Period Back – and It’s Not as Fun as It Sounds I’m so proud of Tina and all that has come about with her decision to make her health issue public. There are so many women who are in the same situation as her.  Well, not elite runners but those who need to gain weight.  It’s not as easy as it seems.

A Woman’s Place I’ve gushed over my love of articles on Trail Sisters.  But this is the best yet -> “In the home.  In the workplace. On the sidelines.  On the field.  For so long, we women have been told where our place is, and we’re supposed to feel empowered when we’re in it.  But it’s crap. The most empowering thing is when a woman’s place is wherever the fuck she wants.” Amen sister.

What would you like to High 5 today?




4 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. OMG that baby kangaroo!! And I totally would have been thinking the same 🙂 I loved reading Carly’s post on self talk and AMEN to selling me athletic clothes with a real athlete. I won’t buy ANYTHING with a Kardashian on it…but that’s another story.
    Happy weekend mama!!
    Allie recently posted..10 Things I Hate About RunningMy Profile

  2. I would specifically NOT buy athletic wear from a kardashian. It is part of the reason that I didn’t buy Fabletics for so long. Kate Hudson didn’t strike me as the time to know about anti chafing…

  3. Oooh I love that little baby kangaroo! I think it’s a huge problem how companies use models over athletes to see women’s athletic wear. In Wonder Woman, they actually had athletes playing the Amazon extras, which to me made a huge difference. Representation in media, whether it’s movies or marketing, is powerful – as the article discusses, models in sports ads send the message that sports for women aren’t about being strong and achievement, they are about looking thin.

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