High Five Friday

High Five Friday May 19 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

It’s the most glorious day of the week and today I’ve got lots and lots of things to high five.  Let’s get crackin’!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram and Instagram Stories.

1 ) A Mother’s Day nap that ended with both of my monkey’s crashing the party.

2 ) This week I got to ditch running on the AlterG and instead went 100% my own bodyweight on a regular treadmill. After Thursday’s appointment, my PT gave me the OK to wean off the boot since I’ve had no pain with running or all the single leg hopping exercises we did. Woohoo!

3 ) We tried two meals from Sun Basket this week and both were delicious.  Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.

4 ) Side planking in the corner at the gym.  I’m learning how to be stealthy with my pictures.  Although I’m sure everyone knows what I’m doing. No judgement, right? 😉

5 ) My cat works out with me.  Doesn’t yours? I just read a story about a cat that hikes on a leash.  I think we need to get Nevada out there on the trails.  Lol!

5 Good Reads

Room on the Road: Footprints – I liked the thought of footprints washing away our troubles and celebrating happy times.  Running is such a mind clearing time for me.  My footprints definitely clear my head.

You’re Allowed to Change – Change is inevitable. It’s a part of life.  We all know this.  It can be scary and terrifying.  Katie says it well – > “You have a few years and you’re not guaranteed ANY of them, but yet we sit in the background afraid to be who we are for fear of change.” Don’t fear change.  Embrace it and grow. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

The 29 Funniest Tweet About Running –  I let out a few LOL’s on these.

Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman – What would you write to your younger self? Lauren dishes out a beautiful letter that hits the nail on the head for all girls and women of any age.  Great words that need to be shared.

Gratitude – I absolutely love this post from my friend Maureen.  She had an unbelievably tough 50 mile race recently.  During her 14 hours on the trails,  it gave her time to write her speech for the department commencement ceremony at UNH.  Read it, think and do something about your gratitude.

What would you like to High 5 today?

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  1. Those tweets are killing me! Love it!! And I really love your mom’s day photo with your munchkins. Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do more ‘real’ running 🙂

  2. maybe I need more to do on a friday PM but some of my favorite friday nights are when I get to click on all of your links to read your 5 favorite reads! thank you!!!!!

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