High Five Friday

High Five Friday May 5 2017 happyfitmama.comWith mixed emotions I will still say Happy High Five Friday!

Happy it’s Friday.  Pissed I’m in a freakin’ boot.

Although I knew it was going to happen.

And it probably should have happened 5 weeks ago when I went to the first doctor.

This doctor was much better – he didn’t think I was old at all.  Lol. There’s healing going on with the fibula but he thought it would be best to be in a boot.  I really need to work on hiding my feelings better because he said I looked like I wanted to say “F@ck off!”

The good news – I get to finally try an Alter-G.  The bad news – I’m wearing a boot until the pain goes away completely which could be the whole summer.  Come on healing!

I knew I wouldn’t be running today and I knew it was probably a stress fracture.  The hard thing is now that I have to gimp around with this boot.  Before I could hide that I couldn’t run. Now everyone knows. Pray for me so that I don’t lose my frickin’ mind answering the million questions from my well-meaning patients at work. Picture explaining a running injury and boot to your grandparent.  I’ll be doing that 50+ times today.

Happy Friday!

5 From Instagram

1 ) Say hello to my new accessory.  I am now the owner of not one but two left foot boots.  My old one from two years ago was too short. Seriously?!?!

2 ) Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection.

3 ) When in doubt, be a tree. Always be a tree.

4 ) If I can’t run, at least I can be an athletic supporter. My daughter’s super annoying trumpet finally came in handy. And now it’s hidden away in a closet until the next race because I don’t want to hear that thing for a very long time.

5 ) Absolutely frigid mountain water but they still wanted to go in.  Kids are crazy!

5 Good Reads

1 ) 7 Ways Running Coaches Can Tell You’re Headed for an Injury – Do you have any of these going on with you right now?  Maybe it’s time to do a body/mind check.  I can’t say that I really felt any of these prior to an injury but it’s interesting.

2 ) After 9 Years Without a Period, I’ve Stopped Running – I didn’t share anything last week for High Five Friday but I had this bookmarked. I applaud Tina so much for having the guts for coming forward with her struggle.  There’s lots of women out there that are going through the same thing.

3 ) The Injury Games – I’ve been done this running injury road before but it never gets easier.  My emotions are all over the place.  Being injured really messes with your mind. It’s good to know that it’s the normal response to not being able to do something that’s such a huge part of your life.

4 ) Wheels Up #BuildItUp – I have loved following Steph Rothstein on Instagram over the past year.  She keeps it real no matter how real it is. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to share half of the pics that she does.  I wish I could. It’s refreshing to see someone who is strong AF showing off her whole perfect self.

5 ) Focus On What Your Body Can Do – More self love! We are our own worst critic. I’m completely guilty.  In my head I’ll critique every picture I’m in.  My thighs are too big.  My arms are too big.  I have no torso.  I try to do more of this everyday -> “focus on what your body can do, and you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you feel in your body.”

What would you like to High 5 today?





17 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Sorry again about the boot and I’m really sorry to have to explain it to the elderly population all day! Maybe you should come up with a different story – one they can relate to, like maybe a golf injury? LOL! Good luck and now I’m actually a tad jealous because you GET TO run on an Alter-G!!!! Post 1 million thoughts and pictures on that please 🙂
    Allie recently posted..Pressure Is A PrivilegeMy Profile

    1. I used the golf injury on a few. They totally related! Lol! Of course a ton latched onto the idea that I got hurt exercising. One more reason NOT to exercise. Ugh! The Alter-G? Weirdest feeling yet super cool. It felt like someone was trying to give me a wedgie. 😂

  2. The Alter-G is fun but it’s really warm, I sweat a ton! It’s weird cause I start out running in pain and then they turn the gravity on and shin pain is gone. They can really tune into your gait though because there are cameras at every angle and you watch your foot placement. They give me immediate advice to it and I can change and try different cues to my landing. Thinking of you!!

    1. It’s he weirdest feeling like someone is lifting you up from your hips but you need to move your legs in a running motion still. I’m excited to use it more. And to feel better so I don’t need it! Thanks Dawn! xoxo

  3. So very sorry Angela! The dreaded boot! When I had mine I would always kick myself in the ankle with it by accident reminding myself of how much it sucked. So sorry you had to wait so long for the proper diagnosis. Sending healing vibes to get you through this!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..Boston Marathon 2017 Race RecapMy Profile

    1. I don’t know why doctors give out the boot. I’ve tripped over so many things wearing it. Maybe it’s a way to generate more $$ with another injury? Lol!

  4. So very sorry to hear about that dang boot!!! Obviously we do not know each other, but I have been thinking about you and wondering how your lasldkfldkfngodfign injury was doing. Sending you positive, healing vibes!!! You will get through this and continue to come out stronger on the other side!!

  5. So sorry to hear about that boot! Like Susie said, at least your outfit looks comfy and cute – I think I have the same ones if those are the Prana Meme! Hopefully running on the AlterG is good – it actually sounds fun in its own way. Thank you for sharing my link and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I live in my prAna Meme’s! So comfy and cute. I tried out the Alter-G yesterday. It’s definitely an odd feeling but I’m excited to use it more.

    1. I can still do all the activities that I’ve been doing – cycling, pool running, yoga, strength – just no high impact or jumping.

  6. OH NO! So sorry to hear you’re in a boot! I sure hope the pain goes away quickly for you and you get it off before summer is over!!!

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