High Five Friday

High Five Friday April 7 2017 happyfitmama.com

High Five Friday!

I haven’t been excited about a Friday since last Friday.  I’m absolutely serious when I say this.

This week had both kids sick (one with an ear infection and one puking), endless rain and never enough time to get things done.  Oh wait.  That’s every week. On top of it, I just haven’t been feeling myself.  Although after getting an adjustment at the Chiropractor on Tuesday, I’m feeling more so everyday. Thankfully!

It’s Friday now so it’s time to celebrate and dish out the High 5’s!

Five from Instagram

1 ) I’m dreaming of those sunrise summer runs. Who else is with me?

2 ) Sometimes you nail ALL the yoga poses. Sometimes you fall out of tree like  there’s hurricane force winds. All you can do is try again and smile. I’m still loving my prAna Go To Pullover and Capris.

3 ) Vitamin Sea

4 ) I’ve been on a Muesli kick lately.  It pairs perfectly with my favorite Stonyfield Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt and fresh fruit.

5 ) When your Kuhl jacket receives 4 compliments while running errands and going to appointments on a nasty 40 degree rainy day, you must share the dets for all to know. This Firefly Hoody is hands down my favorite jacket for when you need something waterproof but warmer than a rain jacket shell. I lived in it during the Fall and I’m sure I’ll be doing the same now that it’s spring. It is spring, right?!?!

5 Good Reads

1 ) Friendships Forged in Dirt – I think you can add road to the end of this posts title too.  Running has brought so many great friendships.  “ Your trail sister understands why this is part of your life, and how it feels to push your limits without being sure of the outcome.”  YES!

2 ) Weed Yoga, Naked Yoga, Yoga with Goats: Have We Reached Peak Namaste? – I just can’t even with all of this.  Naked Yoga is just so wrong.  I don’t want to see anyone doing Downward Facing Dog naked or what about Birds of Paradise?  No thank you! I’ve also heard of Beer Yoga (although I have done a Beer and Balance class, we just saved the drinking till afterwards) and Anger Yoga.  What’s wrong with good ol’ fashion yoga?

3 ) Quest for Solace – This is an amazing story of resiliency.  To lose everything and still come back with a fighting spirit.

4 ) How Much Does it Cost to Be Fit? – How much do you spend on being fit each month?  It can be done on the cheap but it’s nice to have the “fun” extras.  If money were no object, what would you splurge on?  For me it would be travel, a home gym and a trainer. What about you?

5 ) My Boston Marathon Story: Kyle Robidoux – This is the second story I’ve heard of someone running the Boston course twice on Marathon Monday. He’ll start by running the course in reverse, leaving Boylston Street at 4:45 a.m. and running to Hopkinton. About an hour after he arrives at the starting line, he’ll jump in his corral and set off for another 26.2 miles back to Boylston. Oh and he’s legally blind.  No big deal.

What would you like High 5 today?


10 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. I have a BIG high 5 to Friday on my blog today too mama! Adios! I can’t wait to read all of your links this week as they are all new to me 😊 I hope this weekend treats you with all the loving kindness you deserve…and some frickin SUN!
    Allie recently posted..High 5 Friday!My Profile

  2. Love love love everything Kuhl. Great hoodie! (Add this to your compliment list, ha.) Interesting look at the cost of fitness too…

  3. Yoga with goats is a thing out here in the PNW. People have pet goats here so I guess it’s like bring your pet to yoga day? It wouldn’t surprise me if some people combined weed yoga and goat yoga… I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the kids feel better!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Friday ThriveMy Profile

    1. A local farm just started doing goat yoga. Sure baby goats are cute and all but I don’t want them jumping on my back while I’m in down dog or child’s pose. I’d rather just go to the farm and hold them. I don’t get it.
      Angela recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

  4. Your week sounds a lot like mine 🙁 Both my kids have strep and they are supposed to have their joint birthday party this weekend….I will never be so happy to have a Saturday night roll around haha

  5. Yes! Sunrise runs! Just getting out of the weeds of ACL reconstruction and should be back running within a month, can’t wait!

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