High Five Friday

High Five Friday February 10 2017 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Phew! What a week. After thinking that winter was going to be lacking in snow coverage, we sure got hit this week. Two snowstorms with more coming over the weekend. Yesterday’s storm was just crazy. Everything was cancelled or closed yesterday in anticipation of what was to come. Good thing. There was an area near me that reported getting dumped on with 5 inches of snow an hour. That’s a lot! I’m not sure of the totals but it has to be anywhere from 16-20 inches at least. Fingers crossed my kids have school tomorrow. I don’t think we can survive another snow day!

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1 ) When a Nor’easter rolls in, you go for a run. Tony, Jess and I only ran 5+ miles but it felt like at least 20 with snowshoes on and making our own trail. Scratch that, Jess made the trail for us and she was the only one NOT wearing snowshoes. Crazy girl ran in camo hunting boots and microspikes and was still trucking. Meanwhile, I was sucking wind and dying. So fun. Not so fun? The drive home as I shivered like crazy from being so cold and the road conditions. Thankfully I ended up behind a plow for most of the way home but there were sketchy sections of complete white out conditions.

2 ) When you are playing in the snow but need to take a rest. Plop right down and chill.

3 ) After hearing so many others rave about the Blueberry Lemon Scones from Run Fast. Eat Slow, I finally got around to making them. You should too. Delicious!

4 ) Sasquatch sighting?

5 ) Library humor. Lol!

5 Things

1 ) On Football: Few fans thought the Patriots could rally, but in the locker room, another story – Let’s see a raise of hands of who thought the Falcons would be holding the Lombardi trophy Sunday night after a horrible 3 quarters of the game.  I’m raising my hand high.  I thought it was over and went to bed. Yup. I missed the whole 4th quarter and all of the action. Moral of the story? Never give up.  Stay focused. Stay determined.

2 ) Relatable Confessions of Run Rage from Real Runners – I think I’ve gone through every single one of these emotions while running. Sometimes the rage runs strong especially when you just put out a serious effort and just want to be done!

3 ) An Open Letter to Lady Gaga’s Belly Roll – I seriously can not believe we are even talking about this. Who are these people that feel the need to pick on her stomach?  Did they not see that she absolutely KILLED her half time show?  Let’s raise each other up ladies.

4 ) How to Get Over the Fear of Losing Your Fitness – I’ve had my fair share of running set backs. Umm….hello no running for 6+ months.  When you are in the midst of an injury or having to take time off from running, it’s hard not to think of how much your fitness is going down the tubes.  The good news? You come back. Trust me. It does come back.

5 ) I Work from Home – And for a good laugh.  The struggle is real when you work from home…even for me who only does it a couple of times a week. But those meerkat videos though.

What would you like to High 5 today?

10 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. I seriously cannot believe you ventured out in that!! I thought you just ran from your house but you drove? You are officially insane mama! I was cozied up to my treadmill 🙂
    Love the library sign – that is too much!
    And, just got word the boys only have a delay – THANK GOD!!!! Have a great weekend playing in the snow!…we will too – 20 inches here.
    Allie recently posted..5 Ways Hawaii Restored My Faith in PeopleMy Profile

    1. It wasn’t so bad that when I left for the run. Two hours later? Insane to be out on the roads. Whoops. And are you expected to get the big storm Sunday/Monday? We are…hello snow day for the kids again! Their school year has been extended 4 days already. Let’s see if we can get to July 1st?

  2. We saw snow fall from the sky yesterday, but nothing stuck. While I’d love a snow day, I’ve got too much going on to be snowed in!

  3. So glad that we didn’t have any snow, and that we are finally seeing sun again! I’m high fiving the fact that I got to run yesterday. I’m still scared about the hammy, but I’m optimistic. Also, I just cleaned the apartment and am about to do laundry. HIGH FIVE

  4. That work from home piece is a good laugh! I work from home while I somehow don’t snack all day, I watch way more videos of dogs and other animals on my “breaks.” Right now my workspace is also in front of the heater, because I was cold after my run.
    That library sign is hilarious as well! Enjoy all of your snow this weekend!

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