High Five Friday

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Happy High Five Friday!

It’s been a crazy week. My grandmother passed away earlier in the week and the funeral is tomorrow. I’m sad that my grandma gone but I’m glad that she isn’t suffering anymore. And she’s with my grandpa now.

I’m typing this up while I’m in flight to Michigan. Hopefully I am there by the time you read it. You’d think they lived in Siberia with how hard it is to get to my parents house. Things always seem to go notoriously wrong whenever we fly home. Thankfully, I also did NOT forget my wallet this time!

In better news, I’m thrilled that my sinus infection is gone. Since Tuesday, I’ve felt 100% better. I don’t wish a sinus infection on anyone. Throbbing head pain all day is no fun. I got a couple of easy runs in this week with hopes I can get back into quickly. I’ve missed it so!

5 From Instagram

1 ) Golden Fall Splendor

2 ) This pic is from the same spot one week later…things are fading fast!

3 ) One of my fav post run yoga poses – Ragdoll. I just love to let it all hang.

4 ) Rose petals or leaves?

5 ) Running out my emotions after learning that my grandma has passed. Running is the best therapy for me.

5 Things

1)  Liberating College Women from the Elliptical, One Fitness Class at a Time – I remember my college years of working out. It involved a LOT of elliptical and stair climber. I’d prop my text books or notes up on the shelf and “study”. Love the idea of new classes to jazz it up and have some fun!

2 ) Women-Only Races – Awful or Awesome? – I’ve participated in two women only races. They were fun but I can’t say that I did it just because it was women only. I also realized that most of the women were running for “fun” rather than racing which lead to a really lonely course. I think I can have the same experience if a group of my friends ran a race together (like the Leaf Peepers Half earlier this month). What do you think?

3 ) Morning Rituals to Bring You Joy – I would love to be able to do all 30 of these items but alas, I’m a mom, and like most people, I have a life. But I do at least a few of these and it does make a huge difference in my outlook of the day.

4 ) Running While Female – If you only read one article today, make it this one. And make every male you know read it too.

5 ) Single Mother Runner Seeks Best Running Friend – Like I said on Monday, running buddies are THE best!

What would you like to High 5 today?


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  1. I am sorry very sorry about your grandmother. Loss can be so hard especially when you have little ones. Glad you are feeling better enough to get out and run as therapy. I am liking all of the coverage about the safety issues that we women runners have to deal with all the time. It is so frustrating!

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