High Five Friday

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Happy High Five Friday!

I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to an awesome weekend. I’m quite bummed that the trail race I had planned on running on Sunday was cancelled. I don’t know the reason. It’s the second race locally this past week that has pulled the plug the week of the race. What’s up with that? Not cool. Not cool at all.

5 Good Things to Read

Those We Run With, To and For – If Kristin Armstrong wrote it, you know it’s gotta be good. Read and shake your head YES! throughout.

Glittering Giants of the Canadian Rockies – This post on the KUHL blog from Nicole made me think of the trip of a lifetime my family took back when I was 8. We spent the summer traveling across the northern US, Canada and up to Alaska. We actually went inside glaciers during portions of the trip and saw amazing sights that I will never forget. Those sights are still ingrained in my brain 30 years later.

Do Something That Scares You – I always think of lululemon bags when I hear that phrase but it really is true. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something that scares the pants off of you. What do you have to lose?

A Poetic Tribute to Those Early Risers – Love Sarah’s latest post (a poem!) for Women’s Running. I haven’t been running in the early morning for the past couple of weeks but I’ve found some potential new running buddies. Hallelujah for the Sisterhood of the Early Risers!

Dear Men…Take the Photo – I take a lot of pictures for the blog and of life in general. But in reality, I’m not in a ton with my kids. I’m usually behind the camera/phone. After reading this post, I realized I need to be in more pics. So Ron, take the photo please.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!


  1. Fall is in the air. And on the trees. And on the ground. It seems so early and I’m kind of afraid of what it means for the winter. The acorn situation and the squirrelly-ness of the squirrels in my backyard has me thinking it’s going to be a hard winter. Fingers crossed Old Wives Tales are wrong!
  2. I had a blast running 7 miles of trails with my friend Jess (and she’s also my massage therapist!). I was a little afraid of where she was going to take me after hearing her tales of basically making her own trails most of the time. Thankfully, no bushwacking was needed and I got to see an area I’ve never been before.
  3. Last weekend we went to The Caterpillar Lab to see some amazing creatures. It was so cool to see all the varieties. There were even some that looked just like sticks. The kids loved it. Although one kiddo had nightmares that night. He thought his bed was infested with caterpillars! Lol.
  4. Hills. Hills. Hills. I can’t believe I used to run away from hills. This stretch is a crazy long lung burner but is so awesome for building strength. You see a hill. I see an opportunity!
  5. Mid day sunshine filled runs have been my thing this week. With how dark it’s been in the morning, my mind has paralyzed me with fear. Fingers crossed I can meet up with some new sunrise chasers next week!

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  1. Ok, that is just not ok. Are you getting refunded? Are there just not enough people to run it? That is just silly. I loved that leave pic, and fall is definitely coming–that coolness is in the air, even though I feel like the humidity has also risen! Weird. Have a great weekend, Angela!

    1. Thankfully I had not registered yet. I was going to do race day registration. Last year was the first year for the race and it was small. Maybe it was because of not enough people? But if you are that close and have everything ready, why not?

    1. It seems like last minute cancellations are the new norm. I understand if there’s weather or safety reasons but I haven’t heard the reasoning behind this one.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my post on the Canadian Rockies. I love that you have such great memories from your childhood trip. I hope my girls remember our trip 30 years from now! I know I will!

  3. It should be n the contract that if the race is cancelled on their pat they have to refund you in full or at least a percentage. Otherwise they could get in big trouble for offering something, taking your money, and not delivering. I’m sorry that happened to you!!!

    I especially loved the picture one!!! I need to hand the camera to my husband so I am in more pics!!!
    I am so afraid of running in the dark around here because it is pretty remote. I need some running buddies!!! I chicken out and get on my treadmill! ;p

    1. I’m sure there’s something in the registration that states there are no refunds or something. I was holding off for race day reg so I didn’t lose any money. And if you are looking for running buddies – put a plea out to friends and family. You never know who might want to run with you!

      1. Ah that stinks!!! I’m sorry!!!! Oh that is the embarrassing part. No family within the state but as for friends…none of my friends run but I want to start a running group! I’m so scared to! There is one but you have to have a car to get to it on Saturdays so it’s not close. I will have the guts one day!!! I keep thinking about it more an more so maybe one day really soon!!! ; )

  4. That must be so frustrating about the race! Are you getting refunded? That happened to a client of mine a few weeks ago with her goal marathon. It’s not okay to just cancel a race like that but it seems to keep happening!
    Love your running photos! Especially the bright and beautiful fall leaves. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to meet you in two weeks!

    1. I was planning on doing race day registration so, thankfully, I had not paid yet. The weird thing is that I have not hear an explanation. I would be so pissed if it was a goal race! That is just not right! And I’m so excited to meet you in less than 2 weeks!!

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