High Five Friday

High Five Friday September 2 2016 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Can you believe it’s September? I’m in utter shock that the summer is pretty much over with now. Once Labor Day hits, it’s all bye-bye summer. I’m sad to see it go. But I do love September. The sky is a different shade of blue. The trees start to change color. The air feels different. The mornings and evenings are cool. And there’s pumpkin. #enoughsaid

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Light it up. Seeing the sunrise sets the tone of the day.

A long run with a friend makes 12 miles go by so much more quickly. Running with Kailey brought back memories of the Honolulu Marathon. Crazy that it’s almost been 2 years since then!

Sunshine and salty air. Just another beautiful day on the New Hampshire seacoast.

Get upside down daily. Did you know that inversions supposedly can cure everything that ails you? Or at least that’s what one yoga guru thought. But you also had to hold the inversion for 30 minutes. Handstand for 30 minutes? Sure…

Raise your hand if you are glad it’s Friday!

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Transcending the TransRockies – I love this post from Heather. In reading all the posts of her recap of the TransRockies race, one thing runs loud and clear. Running is so much more than running. Yes there will be times when you are sucking wind, your muscles are on fire and your mind is telling you to STOP NOW. But what has it given you? “A path of adventure, of exploration, of pushing my limits.  A path with kickass, inspirational people, with laughter, and endless smiles.  A path that insists I live my life to its utmost fullest extent.” YES x 1000!

I Tried Mountain Running and It Changed Everything – Sarah’s post for Women’s Running nailed it. I have very similar feelings. After training for Mount Washington, my love for dirt and trails increased. Road running has lost some of it’s luster. I think that’s partly why I’m winging my half marathon training right now. Running on trails feels better and makes me feel more alive. I don’t slog through a run, I frolic. I had hoped to run more trails during the summer but after rolling it in early June, it hasn’t fully returned to the “feeling good all the time” status. I’m hoping to hit up some more races this fall.

FOMO on Workouts – I’ve had my fair share of FOMO this summer. See above for the reason why. Damn foot! But one thing I’ve learned with age and injuries, there’s always next year.

Why Are We So Mean to Ourselves? – Tina’s post nailed it. I beat myself up for one whole year after Boston. I held onto so much anger, frustration and just disappointment towards myself. Did anyone else? No!

The Space Between Effort and Ease – Carla gives an example of trying to muscle through yoga but really this applies to everything in life. Use the strengths you currently have to let the weaknesses go away.

I want to keep the High 5 Friday love going so this week I’m starting High 5 Friday LINK LOVE! It’s a way for you to share a favorite post from the week so more eyes can see it. Please only share one post and make sure it’s related to running, fitness, health or a healthy recipe.

I hope you’ll link up and maybe find some new blogs to read. I know I’m always looking for more!

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  1. I am starting to feel the pull to the trails too… roads are so much harder on the body! And there’s something amazing about no watch, in nature, no cars or noise…
    I have a good friend here who used to be a sprinter and now does all trail running. She’s always asking me to join her and I can see myself in a few years totally switching gears when I’m tired of chasing pr’s!

  2. Oh I read your High Five Friday (September 9, 2016) before this post. It seems that you have more interesting things over week. Love this series. I’ll comeback for your new posts.

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