High Five Friday

High Five Friday August 26 2016 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Time to spread some good pics and good news from the week.

5 from Instagram

Running down a dream. Does anyone else get running songs stuck in their head during a run? Tom Petty was my ear worm for yesterday’s run.

Running bloggers NOT running. Lol. I had a great time hanging out with Sarah (with her little guy in tow) and Sandra at the Merrimack Premium Outlets doing some Back to School shopping for the kiddos and ourselves. Because even mom’s need need clothes, right? Thanks for inviting us to shop MPO! FYI – there’s tons of deals going on right now!

Sweaty hair and a sunrise. The perfect way to start the day.

One of my fav post run stretches. Especially when it’s after a 10 mile run that I had very low expectations for. It turns out letting go of expectations really does help. The run went really well! Elsa does know something after all!

Throwing it WAY back for #tbt. Me circa 1st grade 1984. Please don’t tell me you weren’t even born yet. 🙂

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5 Things

Meb’s Final Games – Did anyone else tear up during the Men’s Olympic Marathon last Sunday and then start clapping like a fool? What a race and Meb…oh Meb. What a stand up guy. Too have fallen like that at the finish line. I think I would have just crawled across the line and then waited for someone to cart me off.

American Runner Receives Special Olympic Medal – When Abbey and Nikki collided in the 5,000 meter heat at the Olympics, it was heartbreaking. But what came next was amazing. Good sportsmanship is still very much alive.

Why Multitasking is Pretty Much the Worst – After having met Liza for the first time a couple of weeks ago during the Stonyfield Farm Tour, I was thrilled to find that she now has a blog. She’s one cool lady with a lot of wisdom. Read up and follow through!

Your _____ Doesn’t Define You – If you aren’t familiar with Erin’s blog, you need to stop everything and go there now. Don’t fall into the label trap. You are your own person. Own it.

Best Adventure Books for Kids – Check out my latest article for Activekids.com. I’m sharing 7 Adventure Books that kids will love. My own kids love The Magic Tree House Series and Nim’s Island. Ok, I love them too!

What would you like to High 5 today?


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  1. High 5 to me as I’m recovering from a minor surgery this week…I’ve done a good job at slowing down and resting which is NOT easy for me…and a FUTURE high 5 for hopefully getting back to running Labor Day weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh you are too cute in the first grade!! And the Olympics. Seriously, I was tearing up pretty much every five minutes. So many incredible athletes and stories and MEB! And I’m jealous that you, Sandra and Sarah got to hang out and shop. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

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