High Five Friday

High Five Friday July 15 2016 happyfitmama.com

It’s High Five Friday! Time to get your hands up and celebrate good things from your week. Want to get in on the fun? You can find all the details HERE.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

Running on trails. Is there anything better? I hope to get back out there soon. It’s definitely where my running heart is right now. Btw – Good luck to my friends Tony and Jess running the Vermont 100 this weekend. I can’t wait to hear all the details. You guys are going to kill it!

These sandals are my new favorite. It’s no secret I have wonky feet. They need love and support. Regular sandals that are flat as can be usually kill my feet. But these Total Motion Romilly sandals from Rockport are THE best. It has Adidas support technology so it fits more like a sneaker, which is pure genius. Trust me, you need these sandals in your life! FYI – I was sent a pair of Romilly sandals from Rockport but I would totally buy these with my own money. In fact I ordered another pair!

Real food is just so dang pretty. And fresh cherries. Cant.Get.Enough. right now. Don’t look too closely at my fingers. They have a slight red hue to them these days!

Crow places. I haven’t done Crow in forever. It was time to pop one out. I’m doing a SUP yoga class on Sunday – should I attempt Crow then? You know there will be a pic on Insta if I do!

Nothing beats a good ol’ runrise. Ellen asked me to share my secrets for running in the morning. The truth is, there is no secret! You just do it and then one day it becomes a habit that doesn’t even phase you.

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5 things

20 Reasons Why Dads Can’t Be Left Alone with Their Kids – This will have you laughing. Although it gave me lots of ideas of things to do to my kids.  Why didn’t I do the kiwi pic when my kids were small?!?

Letter to My Younger Self – I’m not the biggest hockey fan (sorry Ron!) but I can appreciate what every single athlete goes through in their career. Love this letter from Team USA Olympian, Kacey Bellamy, to her younger self.

10 Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Better Runner (or your money back) – Beth tells it how it is and makes me laugh. I mean someone who references the infamous shart, is someone who knows their stuff.

The BOSU: A Secret Weapon for Runners – Every single time I’ve been in PT for a running injury, my therapist had me on the BOSU. This last go around my PT even suggested I buy one for home. I did and use it regularly. It really is a great tool to have in your fitness tool box. I love the 3 exercises suggested here and plan to start doing them 3x/week. Because I need all the help I can get with my wonky feet!

Sweating with New Balance: #WhyWeSweat – I felt like starting the slow clap started after reading Kate’s post. I agree with it 100%. I sweat for so many reasons and aesthetic purposes is very low on the list.

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  1. Those 10 tips to become a better runner are hilarious and so spot on! I read Kate’s post this week on Why I Sweat too, and just loved it. Kacey’s letter to her younger self… such a great read, I loved hearing her acknowledge how other women supported her throughout her life.

  2. I think a Bosu would probably be really good for me, as I have TERRIBLE balance. 🙂

    That’s neat that your friends are running 100 miles. That’s just such a huge distance.

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