High Five Friday

High Five Friday June 24 2016  happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

Wanting to get in on spreading good news? You can find all the details HERE.

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

I absolutely love running this time of year. There’s just something about the smells and sounds of an early morning run in the summer. It just doesn’t get any better!

To all the boys and girls doing the walk of shame. Don’t walk, run! Just going for a run in my clothes from last night. No big deal. Lol!

Morning view of Mt. Washington from my friend’s condo that we stayed at last weekend. The view did not suck at all.

The before pic of the new Saucony Xodus ISO. Next time you see them, they’ll be muddy and/or dusty. So excited to hit the trails!

Ron was a trooper when we spent Father’s Day at Storyland. We actually all had a great time!

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5 Things – I was M.I.A from blog reading and the internet for most of the week. It’s been crazy town with being out of town last weekend, end of school activities and my kids’ 6th birthday on Tuesday. This weekend isn’t going to be any calmer. I’ll be scrambling next week too. I thought things slowed down in the summer?

Pictures from Mt. Washington – I’m still riding the Mt. Washington high. The race pics are up and they are awesome. If you want to see 1000 faces in the pain cave as they climb The Wall, here you go!

If 70’s Moms Had Blogs – This is just too funny not to share.

The Things That Go Bump on a Trail – I’ve got trails on the brain lately and this post makes me want to hit the dirt ASAP.

Fake Book Covers on a Subway – The titles of these “books” – Unsightly genital rashes – The Coloring Book – O.M.G.!!!

The Quest to Endure – Further proof that running is way more than running. It’s a life-saver for some.

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    1. Surprisingly, I was not really sore afterwards. My calves were tight but I think it was more from both of them seizing up in cramps about 60 minutes after the race. I was changing into different shoes/clothes and went up on my toes. YOWCH!!!!! So much pain at one time!

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