High Five Friday

High Five Friday May 27 2016 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday! And happy long holiday weekend if you are in the states!

Want to get in on the High Five action? Find all the details HERE. Feel free to high five what ever you want that was good from your week. You can follow my format or do your own thing. All I ask is that you tell me something GOOD!

5 from Instagram – I share more pics on Instagram. Are you following me? Please do!

Totally worth the 3:45 a.m. wake up to enjoy such a beautiful sight at the top of Mt. Major.

I saw this shirt on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and had to have it. I’ve worked with Pulmonary patients for years and have seen the struggle first hand. And it’s just a super cool design that goes to a great foundation for cystic fibrosis. Order yours HERE.

You know you are with a fellow blogger/Instagram lover when you both pull out your phones at the same time to snap a running/sunrise pic. Of course Sarah and I had to do a few run rise pics.

I bought these cute Sperry shoes just because the laces were tied like a pair of boat shoes I had in middle school. For the life of me I can’t remember how I tied them like that. I should Google that…

Saucony sent me some things from their fall Life on the Run line. Even though I’m usually an all black capri person, I’m mad about the plaid. So cute. And the tank is adorable. I almost don’t want to sweat in it because I could totally wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts as a “regular” clothes item. FYI – Memorial Day Sale – 25% Off All Saucony Apparel with Code: APPAREL25 – Valid 5/30 Only!

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5 Good Things

Perfect Tweets from Parents About the Nightmare That is Homework – We’ve just begun the homework thing and I already despise it. Can’t wait for the next 13 years of homework hell. Although I’m sure at some point I’ll have not idea how to help them out because it’s way more advanced than my knowledge base.

Mother Runner Hacks from NYC Running Mama – Michele’s video is up and it’s completely awesome. It follows her in a day in the life and it’s something most of us can relate to – except I can’t relate to her super speediness! She’s the sweetest person and is such a dedicated athlete. Congrats Michele!

Proof That Perception is Everything – This -> “If we try to see things with the most generous eyes—searching for the truth, yes, but then bestowing upon that truth the brightest and kindest interpretation—we can learn how to perceive a more beautiful world. Do that, and I promise you this: You will get to live in one”.

The Athlete I Was and the Athlete I Am – I’ve had these same thoughts over the past year. My body is different than what it was 3 years ago, 1 year ago and even 6 months ago. I’ve gone through running ups and downs. The thought of running a fast (for me) 5k right now scares the pants off me. Two years ago, it was scary but I knew I could do it at any time. But then I look at when I first started running and the hills that I thought were big hills are now actually not even noticeable. It’s all a cycle. Look back at where you’ve been but always know where you are.

Embarrassing Runner Scenarios We All Know – Yup. Been there. Done that.

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  1. One of my favorite pictures ever is of me (a blogger) taking a picture of my friend (a blogger) taking a picture of a friend (a blogger) taking a picture of food. Bloggers/runners/etc we definitely are! Have a great weekend, Angela!

  2. How is it Friday already again?! Happy Friday and long weekend to you- I just love that picture of you on top of the Mt watching the sunrise- so gorgeous! Makes me want to get up early to run tomo 🙂

  3. Next week I leave for a blogger event and I am quite sure there will be some crazy snapping of photos– it’s always pretty comical to be with other bloggers and also great to be understood. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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