High Five Friday

High Five Friday May 6 2016 happyfitmama.com

It’s High Five Friday! Want to get in on spreading good news? You can find all the details HERE.

5 from Instagram

  1. I’m itching for warmer weather so I can break out the shorts, skirts, tanks and sandals. The latest outfit I received from KUHL is high on my list of what I’ll be living in all summer long. The Sora Tank and Ventura Skirt are so cute and very comfy. I love the twist back on the tank. While you are checking out the new spring/summer gear on the KUHL website, take a peek at the Celebration of KUHL Mamas. There will probably be a few you know!
  2. Trying to remember what blue skies and sunshine looked like. It’s been days and days of gray and rain. Make it stop!
  3. My Mini and Me. Be still my yoga loving heart!
  4. I can’t get enough of strawberries in salads. So good!
  5. Moody skies for my moody body. This week has been a roller coaster of aches. A knot in my back lead to throwing my gait off, which twisted my pelvis, which made my Piriformis get really, really angry. I felt ok on my run Tuesday morning until later that morning when it flared up. I took Wednesday and Thursday off from running to work it out. Thankfully, I had a chiropractor and massage appointment already scheduled for this week. I think I nipped it in the bud before it really got too bad. Sigh. Will I ever run without something flaring up?!?!

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5 Things

  1. Marathoner Pays It Forward – This story is so awesome on so many levels. Read this and be inspired to pay it forward in anyway you can.
  2. What’s it Like to Hitchhike Pass the Serial-Killer Stereotype – I can’t say I’ll be picking up any hitchhikers now, but this article showed that there are truly good people out there.
  3. Running Tips for Beginners – This is like the bible for new runners. Carly has everything you could ever want to know in one spot. Even if you are a veteran runner, you may find some new to you tips!
  4. Shaking Off a Bad Race after a Good Season – You aren’t going to be able to PR every single race that you enter. Bad races happen to awesome runners who had stellar training. It happens. But this -> “Seek the good in any situation, trust me there are always positives in anything…Don’t let those hard runs overshadow all that you have accomplished. And know that your best runs are the ones still to come.”
  5. Motherhood Means You Run Your Own Race – I’ll admit that I had guilt for training for races. Especially when my kids were babies. But over the years, it has gotten less and less. Mel says it so well in the last paragraph -> “And if they watch us constantly give out our love to others without nurturing our own needs, they lose the opportunity to witness self-love from their greatest teachers. And if they do not see us forgive and accept ourselves—for mistakes, doubts and struggles—they will begin to mirror the very qualities we try to keep hidden from them.”

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  1. Yes yes.
    I am off to redo the motherhood means you run your own race one as Id missed that before.
    It can be lonely and slow when it seems others are running fast and in packs. <3

  2. Oh no! So sorry you’re getting flare ups again. At least now we’re smart enough to deal with it immediately and not let it turn into a huge issue. I hope the sun comes out soon!

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