Hello everyone!

Allow myself to introduce myself…

Hi!  My name is Angela.  I’m a 33 year old wife, mother of 18 month old twins, runner, and a lover of all things health and fitness related.

I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for a few years and always thought, “Why don’t I do that?”  I have credentials and could provide real life experience and scientific evidence to back it.    Running is my passion right now.  I’ve run 3 half marathons.  I love that distance but hope to do a full within the next 2 years.  I also practice yoga although not as much as I like to since having kids.  My plan is to post real life workouts that almost anyone can do.  Hopefully this will help me to get out of my fitness rut to try new things.  I also hope to find a community who will share their experiences with me.  I hope to blog at least once per day as often as possible while still living my busy life.

With that being said, it’s two days after Christmas and I feel like I’ve eaten my weight and then some in cookies.  Today was my first “real” run with my new Garmin.  That thing is so cool!  How did I live so long without one?

Aren’t I a hot mess after a run?  Gotta love winter running in NH!  Lesson learned this morning:  a light dusting of snow on brick sidewalks = very slippery.  Happy running!

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  1. I feel like you are channeling my life, except you are far more brave taking an after run picture. I thought about it after today’s 7 miler, but boy, was I scary! 🙂 Happy running and blogging!

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