A Healthy Gut with Florastor Probiotics

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I’ve always bragged that I had a stomach of steel. I could eat anything and nothing would bother me. I was doing everything right – eating a healthy diet full of fruits, veggies and very little processed food. I thought I had a very healthy gut.

That was the case up until about 6 months ago. I started to get more belly bloat, horrendous, room clearing gas and my BM’s changed (and not in a good way). Sorry for the TMI but we’re all friends here, right?

At first I thought it was something I was eating.

Did I have an intolerance to a food? I started by tracking my food to see if there was a correlation about how my gut was feeling with certain food. That showed nothing. Then I began to eliminate known digestive irritants – dairy, gluten, nuts and nut butter. Still nothing made it better.

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I finally decided to try a probiotic. Probiotics are live bacteria or yeast cells that aid the damaged, dysfunctional, or inflamed bowel in digestion and absorption. Essentially, it helps grow good bacteria to get rid of the bad. It’s commonly found in select yogurt and soy products, pickled vegetables, and other probiotic-laden foods.

Around the same time, I read an article about endurance runners being more likely to have leaky gut syndrome. When you exercise, cells lining the intestinal wall pull apart a little bit. Gaps between cells allow things from the GI tract to leak into the bloodstream causing problems. One of them being an urgent need for a mid run potty break. Like any runner, I’ve been in that position one too many times.

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Since starting a  probiotic, I can honestly say that my symptoms improved within 2 weeks of taking my first dose. Then I ran out of my month supply. I knew I was going to be getting a sample of Florastor Probiotics to review so I didn’t buy another bottle. For the two weeks that I did not take any probiotic, I returned to my previous gut distress. It was not pretty as my previous symptoms returned.

Within days of taking my first Florastor Probiotic, I felt so much better. The bloat was gone. The stink was gone. And things were moving along just fine. I also noticed that I have not had any urgent bathroom breaks on my long runs either.

And that’s always a good thing!

I’m not one to take extra supplements. I’d much rather get all my nutrients through my food intake. But I’m sold on probiotics. They’ve helped my tummy so much in such a short time span that it’s something I think I need.

Do you take a probiotic?

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  1. This is very interesting. I’ve been hearing more and more about products like this lately. I have to say that my gut health has always been pretty good and I rarely have “attacks” on the run!! However, at almost 40 (gulp) I know that can change rather quickly. It’s good to know I have options!! Thanks for the review.
    Allie recently posted..The Countdown: Getting Ready To Say Adios!My Profile

    1. I had been told my other runners that the higher your mileage goes, the more likely to acquire a sensitive stomach. I didn’t think anything of it till I started feeling off earlier in the year.

  2. I used to take a probiotic supplement but, like you, ran out and then forgot to reorder. At the time, I felt better taking it but thankfully haven’t had too many flare-ups. I do drink kombucha daily, which is pretty chock-full of the little good bacteria, and I definitely think that helps.

    1. HI do you take florastor and kombucha? I am currently taking florastor 2x a day and was thinking about adding kombucha as well i have a med that gives me very bad gas and am hoping this will help. thanks in advance

  3. I started having way more gut issues about 10 years ago – not long after having my gall bladder removed. I thought I was dealing with it OK but after trying probiotics about a year ago realized that I didn’t have to suffer quite as much as I did!!!
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  4. No! But I need to! Thanks for the information Angela! I used Kombucha last week to calm my stomach down before my race, and I think it helped a lot!! I am looking into regular probiotics, so this will certainly be one to check out to make sure I can continue my training without the unexpected stops I had to make in many of my workouts last month! Thank you!
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  5. Hmmm….this is the second probiotic recipe I’ve read today. I think I’ll have to take a deeper look into this as I’m not fully understanding but my stomach has been bloated and swollen like I’m pregnant for over a week now. It hurts quite a bit but tweaking my food hasn’t helped. Perhaps?
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  6. Currently I don’t, I should, anything to help the gut.
    I’ve started giving some to my son though. Can’t confirm yet if it’s helping, still very early days.
    Matilda recently posted..Leaving HomeMy Profile

  7. I have diverticulitis and I ‘ve noticed as I have aged (47) my tolerance to certain foods is changing. I chew enzymes with my meals but they aren’t quite cutting it, maybe I need to try your brand! I am glad you found something that works 🙂 Those kind of issues are the worst!
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