Goals for 2020

When I started writing this post, I went back to look at my goals for 2019. One year ago, exactly, I did the same thing. There must be something about being 8 days into a new year. January 8th must be the day that I finally feel like I can share my goals for 2020 out into the universe.

In addition to goals, I like to set a word for the year. Something that sets the intention to shape my year. Last year I chose enjoy and man, did I ever enjoy last year. It was one of my strongest running years ever thanks to having a coach reign me in a bit and teach me that I don’t have to run mega miles like “everyone” says to run longer distances.

This year, my word(s) of the year are: chase adventure.

If you can’t tell, I’m kind of loving trail and mountain running these days. I want to continue to chase dirt (and snow) ribbons. I want to head north more often to the Whites to run, hike and explore. I want to explore more of our neighboring states of Vermont and Maine. I want to chase more sunrises and sunsets (this is a from a girl who falls asleep at 8 p.m.). I want do more weekend road trips with the fam. I want to try skate skiing. I want to try skijorning. I want adventure out on my paddleboard.

I feel like I need to chase more everyday adventures in my life.

Alright, back to goals. I have to say I’m pretty stoked about how it went down for my goals of 2019. Here’s a recap of a few fitness/running related that I shared.

2019 Goals

Do an un-assisted pull up – INCOMPLETE

I was focused and so close early in the year but then I tweaked my neck and took a break. I’ve been doing eccentric pull ups at the gym for the past few weeks so I’m feeling that momentum again.

Mount Washington Road Race – COMPLETE

The lottery gods shined down on me and I made it in again after a 3 year hiatus. The weather and a bonk tried to derail my PR plans but I earned a 7 minute PR. I love that race so much but I’m still on the fence about entering the lottery for this year.

Loon Mountain Race – COMPLETE

I really thought I was going to have a huge breakthrough at Loon Mountain this year. Last year was amazing and this year I felt even stronger. But you never know what can happen on race day. I definitely did not anticipate rolling my ankle severely 17 minutes into the race on the most runnable part of the course. It hurt my confidence but I still eeked out a 1:42 PR. I wasn’t going to give up!

First 50k! – COMPLETE

After years of wanting to do a 50k, I finally did it. Of course, it was anything but ordinary because that would be boring. I finished the Vermont 50k slower than I anticipated but that’s what happens when the bees get you and you load up on Benadryl. Lol!

There were plenty of things I didn’t accomplish in 2019. That’s the glory of goals – you don’t nail them all the time and they don’t have an expiration date. It’s not like they blow up at midnight on December 31. You can easily keep going for that goal in the new year. Or you can decide that’s not something you are interested in anymore. It’s ok to fail.

So that brings me to my goals for 2020. These are just a few things that I’m going to be working towards this year.

PR in the 50k – Now that I know what to expect from the distance, I want to improve…and not get stung by multiple bees and need to take Benadryl. I know I can’t prevent that but at least I know I won’t have a major allergic reaction this time. I still have not settled on the race but I’m leaning towards a couple that are in August or September. It’s so much easier to get long trail runs in during the summer than spring. Once I pick the race, then I’ll nail down a time goal.

Do at least one unassisted pull up – I can’t let this goal go away. I’ve wanted to accomplish just ONE for years.

Run my first 30k trail race – I’m registered for the Gunstock Trailfest 30k in May. If you’ve been a reader here for some time, you know that I go to Gunstock often in search of vert. It’s their first year hosting this trailfest that has distances from the 5k – 50 miler. I was tempted to run the 50k but decided to stick with the 30k because it’s so hard to train with kid sports in the spring. I’m excited for this race because so many friends are running it.

Run/hike the Pemi Loop – This is another goal that I’ve had in mind for years. With all of my ankle issues, I was afraid to even attempt it because the rocks in the Whites can just tear you up. It’s about 30 miles with over 7400 ft of elevation gain with views to die for. I’m feeling more confident in myself and am ready to give it a go.

Break 1:30 at Loon Mountain Race – I felt very confident that I had that in me last year. But the ankle sprain did me in. This year, I’m going back and looking for something with a 1:2x.

Continue to lift heavy and strength train 2-3x/week – I’ve always done some form of strength training but I’ve really found a good flow with it in 2019. It’s working so I’m going with it.

That’s it for right now but of course, I’m sure I’ll find other things along the way to work on. 

The biggest goal I have is to have FUN.  I love running and I want to have fun while I’m doing it.  The moment I start to complain about “having” to run is the moment I need to find a new love.

Here’s to chasing adventure in 2020!

What goals are you chasing this year?

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  1. You have so many great goals set for 2020. Here’s to crushing them as you “chase adventure.”

    “The moment I start to complain about “having” to run is the moment I need to find a new love” – I love that you said that. I see comments on my running group’s FB page all the time from people complaining bitterly about their upcoming long run and I question why they sign up for longer distances if they despise training for them…
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