Goals for 2019

Goals for 2019 | happyfitmama.com

Every year I like to share my running goals.  We are 10 days in and I’m kind of sick of hearing about goals, word of the year, intentions, resolutions, etc.

BUT…I’m still putting my goals out for all to see.

You know why?  Because if I put it on paper…er…the internet, it’s more likely to happen.

So here goes.

Over the past few years, I’ve chosen a word to shape my year.  This year, when trying to think of something, one word kept coming up.


There’s no doubt I love running but I think I’ve let myself get weighed down by the thoughts of injuries and not being the same runner I was a few years ago.  Rather than focusing on chasing PR’s and crushing workouts, I want to enjoy where I am right now.  I don’t want to be worrying if I’ll be injured in 4 months.  I don’t want to worry that I won’t be faster in 5 months.

I want to enjoy the fact that I’m running.

I still plan on training, I just don’t want to feel like I have to be crush PR’s to find joy.

Looking back over my goals for 2018, I’m quite happy to see that I accomplished most of them.

Continue to gradually increase my running time. No mileage goals. – DONE!

I enjoyed running what I want without the pressure of getting xxxx mileage.  That being said, my year total was around 1200.  Not too back considering I reduced my mileage by quite a bit in August/early September and in December for Achilles stuff.

Continue to introduce specific running workouts  – hill repeats, speed, tempo, etc – slowly back into my routine. – DONE!

Goals for 2019 | happyfitmama.com

In the spring/summer, I brought back hill repeats thanks to the mountain races on my calendar.  I’m one of those oddities who loves hill repeats and my strange love paid off.  I’ve never felt stronger on hills during that time.  Over the fall, I’ve slacked off on the repeats and I can feel the difference.

Continue to strength train 2-3x/week. Don’t slack on PT exercises! – DONE!

Throughout the year I hit the gym for strength training 2-3x/week.  I’m feeling stronger than I’ve felt in years.

Be able to do an un-assisted pull up (and not tweak my neck again!) – INCOMPLETE

I kind of fell off the pull up bandwagon but found my steam at the end of the year once again.

Goals for 2019 | happyfitmama.com

Mount Washington Road Race (depending on if I get in through the lottery again this year) – INCOMPLETE

I didn’t make it in through the lottery.  Boo!

Cranmore Mountain Race –  DONE!

This was my first time doing Cranmore and it wrecked me!  The downhill (x2) shredded my quads more than any marathon has ever done.  But I had a BLAST!

Loon Mountain Race – DONE!

My second year of Loon Mountain was better than ever.  I felt strong for the duration and came out with a major PR.

Goals for 2019 | happyfitmama.com

2019 Goals

Do an un-assisted pull up – I’m so close!  I think I’ll get there within the next month or so.  I need to use my pull up bar at home more often.

Mount Washington Road Race – I missed it so much last year.  This goal is all dependent on the lottery.  Hopefully the odds are in my favor.

Loon Mountain Race – I knocked 11 minutes off my time from 2017.  This year I want to see a finishing time with a 1:2x in it.

First 50k! – I haven’t decided on which yet but I really, really want to do the Grand Island 50k.  We may be heading to Michigan at that time so it’s all dependent if I can get the timing just right.  If not that one, I’ll find another closer to home.  I’ve wanted to do a 50k for a few years and I feel like 2019 is the year it needs to happen.  Stay tuned!

Goals for 2019 | happyfitmama.com

Of course, I’m sure I’ll find other things along the way to work on.  I’m toying around with maybe doing a snowshoe race or two (that is if we get enough snow).  I also hope to do more local trail races.

The biggest goal I have is to have fun.  I love running and I want to have fun while I’m doing it.  The moment I start to complain about “having” to run is the moment I need to find a new love.

Here’s to an ENJOYable 2019!

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What goals do you have for the year?

17 comments on “Goals for 2019

  1. Hell yes!!! My mantra is still firmly TRAIN WHERE YOU ARE and not where you were or where you want to be. Whenever I find myself moving toward the “where I want to be or was” space, I pull myself out and reconnect with the pure joy of doing what I’m doing. It’s made a HUGE difference but obviously, it’s not easy.
    I also absolutely love that you have such a great goal of doing a 50k race!!!! I would so love to do that someday too, just to shake things up a bit…because you know, I need that. LOL!
    Whatever happens, I hope to see you in 2019 and maybe do a race or something…
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Hello 2019!My Profile

  2. Awesome goals for 2019! I have always admired your dedication to strength training too. I have no doubt that you will rock your first 50K this year!

  3. I think choosing to make enjoying running a priority is so important. As I get older (man, I seem to say that a lot lately!), I’ve had to take a look at my goals and realize that I’m not going to set any new PRs, so if I’m going to keep running it better be because I’m having fun doing it. And I am. I hope you get into your Mt. Washington race! It’s too bad that you have to be dependent upon a lottery to get in.
    Debbie recently posted..Vegan Seitan and Rice Salad with Creamy Tarragon DressingMy Profile

    1. Right on! There is a way to get around the lottery. Once way is to do the Mountain Series and achieve GOAT status. If I can swing it, I might try for it this year so I can bypass the lottery in 2020. The races are all over the place so it’s all dependent on my family schedule.

  4. I think having fun is SOOOO important! I respect that most runners have a bigger “competitive edge” than I do, but it makes me sad when they let PR “fails” bother them so much. I don’t think any run (or race) is a fail if you’re able to learn something from the experience. Like you, I’m one of the few who like hill repeats, too 😉

    1. I like setting PR’s but I’m at a place where it’s not what I want to focus on. Over the years I’ve had so many up and down emotions with running that I need to focus on fun right now.

  5. Wow- a 50k is so exciting!

    I can definitely relate to the goal of not stressing so much about training or prs, and just enjoying the process. Great word for the year!

  6. Ooohhh how exciting a 50K! I have never quite run that far, close but not quite! You can do it mama! And I hope to see you at Loon again this summer. You crushed it last summer. And yes, let’s have a year of fun running!

  7. I hear you on questioning whether or not you’ll be healthy for races scheduled farther out. I feel like it’s become the story of my life…

    I always smile when you mention Loon Mountain. I’m pretty sure that I mentioned last year when I read your recap that we used to take our sons to the Northeast in early February each year for a week of skiing and Loon Mountain quickly became our favorite resort.

    Happy running!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted..Christmas Blessings to YouMy Profile

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