Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017 include more time on the trails and running different races. | happyfitmama.com

Happy New Year!

I ushered out 2016 with a run and started 2017 the same way. During my run yesterday morning (or really it’s been on my mind a lot the past month), I started to really let myself put together a plan for the year. I’ve been afraid of letting myself “go there.” It sounds kind of silly that I can’t shake those negative doubts out of my head. The ‘what if’s’ will always be there. How can they not when you have such a huge DNF in a race of a lifetime?

Taking 2016 off from seriously training and racing was so good for me. I had fun. I tried something I never thought I wanted to do but actually loved it.

The problem is that I start to get a little freaked out when I think about following a training plan and actually racing a race. How do I do that again????

I know the answer to ALL of these questions – You won’t know unless you try. Don’t set yourself up for failure because of your doubts. Believe in yourself.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got big plans for you 2017. You are going to be marvelous.

For the past few years, I’ve chosen a word to focus my year on. This year, I’ve chosen grit. I’ve always liked the word grit and what it describes. Ron is of Finnish heritage and one of the words that is mentioned a lot is sisu. I wrote about it a few years ago while in marathon training and seeing sisu as a sign. The loose interpretation of sisu is grit and determination. I could use sisu as my word of the year but I just like to say grit. Don’t you envision badassery by saying that word? I do!

To achieve my goals for 2017 I'll need grit to make it happen. | happyfitmama.com

2017 Goals

NO INJURIES! Every year I say this. Last year was the first year in many years that it actually mostly held true. I really, really love not having to deal with an injury.

Strength/Cross Training 2-3x/week. I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with strength training up until a couple of weeks ago before family arrived for the holidays and so did the stomach flu from hell. I jumped back on the weights already and don’t plan on letting it slide. It’s crucial for getting me to my goals!

Recovery. I’ve been seriously slacking on my post run recovery lately. With running in the cold, all I want to do the moment I step in the door is to get warm. That usually means skimping on stretching, foam rolling and sometimes immediately eating something when my runs are longer so I can hop in the shower. From there I’m pulled in different directions and recovery doesn’t happen. Although I do eat something. That is non-negotiable!

Yoga. Keep up with attending classes 2-3x/week. That’s not a problem now that I’ve got a new studio that I love.

Trail Running. As I say every year, I need to get on the trails more. And now that I have been running trails more, I don’t want to stop. It’s just too much fun. There are a ton of races that I’m interested in that will take me over new terrain, new distances and just a whole different avenue of running.

Marathon. Deep breath. I’m ready for another. I’m this close (I’m holding my fingers a millimeter apart if you want to know) to signing up for a spring marathon that everyone tells me it’s THE marathon for me to do if I want to run fast. Plus, I might have a friend willing to pace me.

Ultra marathon. Even bigger deep breath. I got some solid advice from my ultra running expert friend who suggested I’d be better off running a 50k in the fall. That way I’d have more time to run the trails and more technical terrain all spring and summer. Most of the fall ultra’s are sold out already (rookie mistake – I didn’t know there was a date that they all opened and then basically sold out on the same day!). BUT I can put my name in on the wait list. I want to run a race that’s going to have familiar faces to calm me the f@CK down so fingers crossed that I’ll get into one that will have that.

I want to try new races. I want to run new distances. I want to run new routes. I want to meet new running friends. Most importantly, I want to have fun. I love running and I never want it to become something I “have” to do. I choose to do it. I want to be running for life. Not just right now.

Do you have a one word for the year?

What are your goals for 2017?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your word (grit is so badass!) and love that you are going BIG! I would expect nothing less. For me, it’s not fearing the failure. I know that has way bigger meaning to you but, if you try to not fear the failure and truly focus on the FUN, you have already succeeded.
    Here’s to GRIT and big, scary GOALS in 2017. We got this!!
    Allie recently posted..2017 Places, Races and FacesMy Profile

  2. My word is “Embrace”. You might be interested in a book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

  3. I haven’t chosen a word, but I do love the word grit. I’m thinking about the word Brave. I’ve used it before but it’s always a good reminder for me not to hide my shy self and get out there and be strong and determined. And I love the idea of trail running and races. I’ve been looking at trail races too (though not 50ks!). Good luck with all of your goals. Happy New Year!
    Debbie recently posted..8 tips to Create Blogging Goals that will Blast you into the New YearMy Profile

  4. I.Love.This. You are so ready to rock it this year and I cannot wait to cheer you on. And your word? Funny because it’s one of mine too. I’ve chosen Grit & Grace because I realize that I need more of both in my life so why limit myself to one 😆 I’m still trying to wrap my head around my goals for the year but reading everyone’s posts this morning has inspired me! Happy New Year friend!

  5. Love all of this – your goals, especially the marathon and 50K, and your word of the year! Grit just sums it all up so perfectly. I think my word this year is fearless and growth – I want to set goals that maybe I won’t achieve but not be afraid of missing them.

  6. The word grit is such a great one!!! I’m so excited about your marathon and ultra!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever run longer than 26.2, but I’m stoked to follow your journey! Yay for bold goals! xo

    1. I never thought I’d want to run longer either but when you are surrounded by people who make a 50k seem like no big deal, you do crazy things!

    1. It makes total sense once my friend did it. It’s not that easy to get on technical terrain so focus on the roads and fit in trails a day or so a week. I’m scared but excited!

  7. So much inspiration in this post!! I will celebrate this new chapter, new year of running! Sending cheers of encouragement your way! In this next chapter of life and running, I chose four words to help keep me focused and motivated- Reflect, Celebrate, Aspire and Endure!

  8. I love your GRIT! 😀

    I feel like I had that issue of “going there” in clearly sitting down and defining my goals for 2017, which I have yet to do. I have all these things that I know I want to try, accomplish, make habit, and so on but I need to get it all out of my head and write it down to keep it in my conscious mind all year long!

    I am rooting you on for your race journey!

    What kind of strength training are you doing? A program or your own choice of moves??? I’m the opposite I’ll workout more than I’d like to run! But I’d like to run to get better at it and for that heart health. :] Connecting with bloggers like yourself really inspires me to move my feet!

    1. I kind of wing it on my own strength training. I incorporate exercises that I’ve picked up from my various injuries over the years and others.

  9. How did you know when you found the right yoga studio? I think finding a teacher you click with can be tough sometimes.

    1. For me, it’s when the teachers keep things interesting, make adjustments to you during the class, engage with their students and the classes fit my schedule. It’s really all about what you are looking for in a studio.

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