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Hey, hey it’s Friday!

I’m all about Fun Friday so let’s do a little “getting to know you” quiz today. About a month ago I was tagged by Alycia for a Leibster Award. I’ve done quite a few of these in the past so I’ll try to come up with some new and exciting info about myself to share. Although, I can’t promise it’ll be exciting.

MTwashindistance -

1. Describe your perfect day. Long run in the morning, followed by an hour (or more) of  yoga. This time of year I’d love to spend the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine on a cloudless, blue sky hike (although I’d take a day like the pic from above too) with the family. A deep tissue massage would be also be included at some point in the day. My muscles would be tired after all!

2. What can you do today that you weren’t capable of doing a year ago? I can definitely run faster than last year. With speed work, hill repeats and running more miles, it’s paid off. BIG TIME. 

3. If you had to teach something, what would you teach and why? That’s a hard question. Hmmm…I guess spelling or reading just because those were two of my favorite “subjects” when I was really young. Teaching middle school, junior high or high school age kids frightens me.

4. What is your most beloved childhood memory? When I was 8, my family spent two months traveling across the upper U.S. (Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana), up through Canada and then finally Alaska. There were five of us in one camper and my grandparents followed along in theirs. I have so many memories of that trip – it snowing in the mountains on my brother’s birthday in July, visiting a favorite aunt in Montana, leaving a campground in the middle of the night because of unruly drunks (“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. America!”). At the time, it seemed like the craziest thing but now that I’m older, I kind of wish I could do the same thing with my kids. I guess I should have been a teacher like my Dad so I could get the summers off!

5. Describe your life in a 6 word sentence. It’s simple but it’s all mine.

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6. What is your favorite blog post written. Link to it so we can all read it!          A Letter to My Body: I’m Sorry. I don’t usually get into deep topics here on the blog but this post felt freeing to write. I have been quick to judge my body in the past but as I get older, I’m learning to appreciate what it can do rather than can’t (or won’t).

7. Describe yourself in one sentence. The girl that is easy to smile.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Surrounded by my family and most importantly Happy.

9. What are your 3 favorite simple pleasures? Warm bath towels fresh from the dryer. Warm sunshine coming through a window on a chilly day. Holding hands.

10. If you had to move 3000 miles away, what is the one thing you would miss the most? The ocean although if it was 3000 miles away, hopefully I’d just end up on the West Coast!

11. When you have a random hour of free time, what are you usually doing? Free time…What’s that?

I’m supposed to tag 11 other people but I’m breaking the rules. Consider yourself TAGGED! Pick a question and answer in the comments below or if you’re a blogger, do a whole post.

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  1. This is a sweet post, and you sound like a truly sweet person! 🙂 This whole post made me smile. Holding hands.. aww 🙂 You are just so darn cute!

    Anyway… I agree with the warm towel thing being a wonderful simple pleasure. It feels so good. Another thing.. cuddling up and being cozy with a heater on a chilly evening with a good movie. Also, ambient music and candles – very peaceful.
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted..Minnesota Ruined My LifeMy Profile

  2. Ooooo, number five! Number five! Well… nine is good too. Okay, they’re all good answers. 🙂 Some of my fav simple pleasures = turning on the heater for the first time each year, black coffee, and evening showers.
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted..Roast OkraMy Profile

  3. I love the sounds of that childhood trip! My favorite childhood memories involve family travel, too. I also love the sounds of your perfect day–I’m with you on that! and it sounds like you are in a perfectly happy, balanced place, and what more could you ask?
    misszippy1 recently posted..The things I carryMy Profile

  4. Very fun post! I am going to read your post that you linked now and totally agree with you about the Free Time answer! I don’t have twins, but I honestly seem to have a couple hours or so a week where I can truly relax and kick back. It is all good though.. I am also doing things that most people don’t get to do.. like maintain a blog : )
    I just got nominated for the Leibster award last week and it is so cool! I am going to try to write the post this weekend.
    Chris Mavromatis
    Chris recently posted..Across the Years Training Week 10 RecapMy Profile

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