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Happy, happy Friday everyone!

It’s been one interesting (that’s a nice way to put it) week for me so I’m more than thrilled to be doing the Friday Happy Dance right now. My stomach bug has left me feeling drained and with no appetite. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Although it hasn’t stopped me from heading out for a couple fun runs.

runner's feet -

At least that’s one thing that’s back to normal! Fingers crossed the plague leaves my system soon.

If you follow HFM at all, you know I’m all about having something fun for Friday. So today rather than boring you with another survey about me, here’s random things I’ve found this past week that caught my interest.

  • Rookie Lessons: How to Race Your Own Race – Dimity, one of the awesome Mama’s behind Another Mother Runner (and one of the author’s of my favorite running books) completed her first IRONMAN recently. In this piece, she talks about what I think every person goes through at some point whether it be in racing or just life. Getting caught up in the comparison trap or keeping up with the Jones’ is something I find myself falling into every so often. Run your own race and do what works for you. Seems simple but can easily be forgotten.
  • Fun Fact: Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide every year.  Proof that my shoe habit really isn’t that bad.
  • Cooties – We recently got the kids this for their birthday (not actual cooties but the game – haha). I played with these little bugs as a kid.  Apparently, it’s an actual game with rules…what?! I thought the whole point was to put crazy appendages and accessories on the bugs sort of like a Mr. Potato Head. Huh. Who knew?

Cooties -

  • Fun Fact: In 2012, 60% of U.S. half-marathon finishers were females (approximately 1,110,000, a record). Ever notice the ratio of males:females at half marathons? Mostly women, right? Way to go, ladies!
  • How Do You Decide Who To Marry? (Written by kids) – This was just too cute. Now that my kids are old enough to have actual conversations with, I’m amazed at what comes out of their mouths. Where did they learn that? I loved this one: What do people do on a first date? “On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.”
    – Martin, age 10 – wiser than his age for sure!
  • Fun fact: When you run, the human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet.  That’s a lot of pressure!

What fun things have you found this week?

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  1. Thank you- I needed to read something light and fun today! 🙂 We used to love Cooties, too. And that kids article on getting married sounds adorable, heading over to check it out. SO glad your interesting week is now behind you!

  2. I loved that Cootie game growing up!!
    And, that is crazy about the human heart being able to squirt blood that far when you run!
    My fun fact from the beach this week – no male should really wear a Speedo while strolling the beach!!
    Kim recently posted..Sleep: It’s OptionalMy Profile

  3. Over the time I’ve been running races the number of women has increased by so much. I have a funny picture that my husband took of me when we were running the Paris marathon back in 1998. Even though the shot takes in quite a few runners, I am the only woman in the picture! That wouldn’t happen today.

  4. Thanks to Jill and her fit friday link up for me finding your blog post.
    I never tire of reading the ‘who you should marry’ from kids. They are so honest and life was simple kwim.
    No facts for me to add to your list though 🙁
    Matilda recently posted..1BandIDMy Profile

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