From the Archives: My First Barre Class

Hi everyone! Here’s another post from the archives. My first time trying a Barre class back in January. On my first day I went in thinking it wouldn’t be that hard of a workout. I was soooooo wrong! I have really grown to love this class. So intense, fast paced and FUN!

I’ll be back to regular posts on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

I mentioned to a few friends recently that I was going to try a Barre class.  I received a quizzical look from every single one of them.  “You’re going to become a bartender?”  Umm, not quite.

Barre class at Rasamaya is a form of the popular Barre Method, Physique 57, and Core Fusion workouts.  It’s based on classical Ballet barre work, Pilates, Yoga, and orthopedic exercise.  Every muscle group is worked with the goal of strengthening and lengthening your body.  I had heard about The Barre Method from celebrity magazines (Kelly Ripa and Drew Barrymore are fans in case you were wondering) and other bloggers.

I’m not a dancer by any means but this picture intrigued me.  They mean business. Plus, an athletic workout that strengthens and lengthens? I’m in!

I arrived at the studio a little early since it was my first class. I met a couple of other women who were also taking the class for the first time. I was glad I wasn’t the only newbie! Our instructor, Carrie, showed us around and let us know what gear we would need for the class — yoga mat, a peanut shaped ball, weights (1 or 2 pounds), yoga strap, yoga block, and socks with treads. Most of us didn’t have any socks so we were able to purchase a pair. Once we were all geared up, we laid our mats against the wall under the barre.

Carrie put on some rockin’ music (gotta love anything from Prince in the ’80s) and got us warmed up. We went through a mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet inspired moves that focused on postural strength and alignment. We then moved on to upper body exercises. First up — planks and push-ups. Hello arm muscles! Just as the sweat had started to form on my brow, it was time for the weights. One of the regulars of the class told me to grab the one-pound weights. They would seem light at the beginning but I would thank her later. She was so right! I never thought I would feel such a burn from such a light weight. My triceps were screaming from such intense little moves. Short blocks of stretches were incorporated in between exercises for a “rest” period. After we went through the upper body, it was up to the barre for the lower body, abs and flexibility training.

It was then that my muscles really began to quiver like an 8.0 magnitude earthquake! “If it’s quivering, it’s working” said Carrie. The last part of the workout was down on the mat for core work and a final stretch.

This workout was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The small, precise movements required me to focus on my body placement more so than any other Pilates or yoga class has ever done. The exercises were unique but still based on traditional moves. The momentum of the class and enthusiasm of Carrie definitely kept me interested and motivated. A great overall workout that is effective and fun!  I will definitely be back for more time at the Barre.

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