Friday Fit – “Eight is Enough” HIIT

Hello Friday! I think I love you!!!!! Any one else ready for the weekend again? Silly question, right?

Since it’s Friday and FIT begins with an ‘F’, I’m designating today Friday Fit. Genius, no? I realized recently that I’ve been slacking on sharing workouts. I did this a lot when I first started out blogging but marathon training got in the way and that’s all that I wanted to chatter about. Don’t get me wrong. I still can chatter all day and night about running but sometimes I think variety in the chatter is better.  Wow. That was just a lot of chatter.


As part of my new plan/goal on how to not be sucked into the social media/blog vortex after work, I have started to schedule my workouts out a little bit more specifically. Every week, I have a plan of when and what distance I’m going to run but the other workouts are a free for all. That needs to change.

Monday’s are going to be my designated “DIY” workouts. This past Monday’s was a super sweaty one. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment or a lot of space. I used a Kettlebell and dumbbells but use what you have handy. This workout is great for at home or the gym. There’s only eight exercises. And let me tell you, eight is enough! hehehe – get the name of the workout? It’s the perfect prescription for fitting in something quick and dirty.

Sweaty legs post workout.

Before you begin, make sure you do a warm up of 5-10 minutes of light activity to get the body ready for the high intensity moves. You’ll do each exercise for 20 seconds as hard as you can. Remember that. It’s the key to HIIT workouts. Rest or move into position for the next move, for 10 seconds. Repeat this circuit for 5 rounds.

A workout isn’t complete unless there’s a Burpee in it, right? 😉

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Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. I need to have you as my trainer! This workout looks difficult but perfect for someone like me who is trying to incorporate strength into my routine. Have a wonderful weekend!
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