Friday Favorites – Boston Marathon Edition

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What a week!

I think I spent the majority of my week reading Boston Marathon recaps on blogs, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere across the web. So many amazing stories of pluggers and pure grit!

Here’s a few of my favorites:

The Story of Sarah Sellers’ 2018 Boston Marathon

Are you curious about who finished second in the women’s race?  I think the whole world wants to know more about Sarah Sellers.  I find it so awesome that she refused to upgrade to first class on her flight home to Arizona. And that she had to be home by Wednesday for her shift at the hospital.

Bill Rodgers Wanted Yuki Kawauchi to Run Boston

We can thank Boston Bill for getting Yuki to run Boston. Did you know that Yuki holds MANY records like the most marathons world record for sub-2:20 marathons.  He’s at 79 and counting.

The Story Behind the One of the Last Runners on the Boston Marathon Course

Eighty five years old and her favorite post race recovery choice is a beer.  Is it no wonder she finished on Monday?  The picture of her from the Globe is simply amazing.  I want to be like Katherine when I’m 85.  #goals

Volunteers Brave Elements to Keep Boston Marathon Runners Hydrated

I can’t forget the volunteers because a race can’t happen without them.  I think the volunteers were even more heroic this year than ever.  Tying shoes for runners that couldn’t feel their fingers. Cheering to boost moral. Showing up to get it done.

An Unknown Woman Gave This Runner the Raincoat Off Her Back

Losing faith in the human race?  Spectate a marathon.  How cool is this?  I hope the two connect!

What are you loving this week?

Have you read a fav story about Boston this week?  Leave me the link!

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