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Helloooooo Friday! It’s been a short work week but I’m still one happy camper to see ya. **Insert Happy Friday dance but with not a lot of twisting and jumping. I’ve got a 5 mile race tomorrow! BTW – it starts at 5 p.m. I’ve never done an evening race! What should I eat?**

Friday Favorites is back! Perfect for Friday well…because they both start with the letter F.

First, a little #MotherRunner brag

Nh10Miler2Love this picture although I’m not sure why I’m trying to stop traffic with my hand.


I’m finally jumping on the SpiBelt wagon. It’s been around for a long time but I never believed the hype. Lately, I’ve grown tired of wearing my Banjees Wrist Wallet with my phone on long runs. Ron has grown tired of having to put the cover back on my phone every time I take it out to shove into the little pocket on the back of some of my running skirts as well. So I thought I’d give the SpiBelt a chance even though every other belt (usually hydration) has irritating me beyond belief because it doe not stay in place. Seriously, you guys, this belt does not move at all. In fact, once it’s on, I forget it’s even there. No bounce. No riding up. Stays just where you put it. Absolutely love it. Let’s bring the fanny pack back!

spibelt -

Feetures Socks

Back in May when I was first going through my huge ass blister debacle, I had gone to my local running store for advice on what may be the problem. Was it the shoes? Socks? It was suggested I try running in Feetures Socks. Their ultra light weight Elite sock is meant to be a second skin. It even lets you know which sock belongs on the left or right. They’ve been the most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned and perfect for summer running. I just bought two more pairs recently. One has just a tad bit more cushion which I think I like the best out of all three.

Feetures socks -

Mini Babybel Mozzarella

We are a cheese loving family. Give my kids a cheese stick for a snack and they do the little happy seated dance in their chairs. The Mini Babybel’s are perfect for little fingers to open and enjoy alongside grapes for a quick snack. They are a delicious addition toย Grilled Caprese Chicken.

Babybel -

Disclaimer: Mini Babybelยฎ Cheese provided me with product for this review. However, thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand. All other items I bought with my own money and just wanted to share my love for the products.

What are you loving right now?

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  1. You must be doing fox point 5 miler? Fun race. I’ll be eating stir fry for lunch and probably a mid afternoon Greek yogurt before I head out.

  2. Since its just a 5 miler, I’d eat something small. I usually eat toast and peanut butter before my short morning runs, and drink some powerade. I’ve also gotten used to a snack after mile 3- I’ve been on a chews kick lately. But I’m getting some stingers to try on my long run this week to see if I want to try them for my 10k next weekend and then half marathon next month.

    I’m loving my 0 motivation to get everything ready for the baby’s 1 birthday party tomorrow. Not!

    I would have loved my crisp fall run this morning. But was enjoying my crisp fall cozy bed a little too much- plus the baby wanted to nurse as the alarm went off, so what else could I do but go back to sleep too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry not feeling the love today!
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  3. I’ve only done one night race and I loved it! It was a short distance so I didn’t give a lot of though to my food choices that day which I felt a little panicky about right before the race. Fortunately, my stomach was just fine — I think something about having the energy from eating all day may have made my stomach less finnicky than it is on early morning runs. Good luck in your race!
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  4. I have had my spi belt for almost 3 years. I never run without it. I have the waterproof version and my iPhone stays nice and dry! I like that it rides low on my hips, because I hate stuff around my waist. (Hence, no fuel belt for me!) It never rides up. The elastic is getting stretched out, so I may have to buy a new one soon.

    I also love my Feetures plantar fasciitis compression socks. So much so, that when I need new running socks, I’m going with this brand for that as well.

  5. I love my spibelt and use it in the gym during cardio and on leg day so I can keep my phone close by for my interval timer and music. A great purchase! Good luck with your evening race.

  6. I actually found a Spi and a Nathan’s belt at Marshall’s recently. I have never worn anything other than the same water belt I’ve had since I first started training years ago! I went with the Nathan’s. Haven’t tried it yet, but seems very comfy!
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