Friday Favorites

Happy Friday all!

Since it was my first full week back into regular life post vacation, it was kind of painful. I think there needs to be a buffer week (or three) to get back into the swing of things. To compensate for returning to reality, I think today calls for a little bit of my latest Friday Favorites.

Hill Repeats – Very sick, I know, but I have been really getting into hill repeats. It’s hard as hell and my legs feel like lead when I’m done but I know it’s what I need. Plus, I get a chuckle when I think of what the people who live on the hill/street are saying about me as I go up and down, up and down countless times.

“There goes that crazy lady again. Did she lose something?”

hills -

Old Navy Workout Tanks – I love Old Navy for kids clothes but rarely find anything for myself. I was totally shocked when I found really cute workout tanks. I’m a tummy sweater. I hate when fitted tanks get stuck and just feel like cling wrap after a hard workout. These tanks are loose but not so much that they’re blowing in the wind. Plus the straps are wicked cute. I picked up two and want one in every color now!

Kingman Farm Trail Race after -

Pancakes – I’ve made a variation of Laura’s pancakes twice this week and have enjoyed the leftovers the other days. So simple, delicious and keep me full for hours. The cooler, Fall like temps have me craving things like pancakes and zucchini bread.

Protein Pancakes -

Chalk – I forgot how fun (and messy) drawing with chalk could be. The kids and I decided our driveway needed a little pizazz. We drew shapes, letters, numbers, yoga poses and of course A wanted a Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Chalk -

Tomato Horn Worms – This really isn’t a favorite of mine but I just had to share. This yucky looking thing ate my tomato plant in one day!  I had never heard of them till a friend had posted a picture on Facebook a few days before my little friend appeared. So gross!

Tomato Horn Worm -

Have a great weekend!

What are your favorite things right now?

24 comments on “Friday Favorites

  1. My fav things right now, well lets see.
    I went overboard with music the other day, but I have loads of new tunes, nothing like a new playlist to get you motivated.
    Still rocking whole30, and totally enjoying it. Did have to bake a cake for the cake raffle tomorrow, and I so wanted to lick the bowl, but I didn’t, yay me.
    Did a speedwork session (yasso800’s with burpee’s again) and totally rocked that.
    So this week has been going pretty strong.
    Matilda recently posted..Whole 30, Day 15 – HalfwayMy Profile

  2. Love Old Navy for the kids! Usually go at the end of the summer and buy all of next years summer clothes for them on sale! Like that that tank is lose, super cute! I love to hate hill repeats: enough hard work then rest on the down hill. Such a great way to build fitness without going to the track! One of my favorite things right now is these refillable pouches I got for the kids. Perfect for apple sauce and yogurt. I can wash them out and reuse!
    Sarah @runfargirl recently posted..13 Years StrongMy Profile

  3. Funny story actually, about 2 years ago I lived in an apartment in a town that didn’t have a lot of runners…. I went to do hill repeats on a long steep hill a few blocks from me. A LADY CALLED THE COPS on me because I kept running by her house. The cop didn’t understand when I told him I was just getting a hill workout in. I had to explain multiple times to the lady and the cop. A few weeks later she did it again, even though I had already explained!
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..I’m asking for YOUR help 🙂My Profile

  4. My favorite things right now would have to be…

    1. The cool front that has moved through Texas.
    2. This last day of free time before my school year starts up again (I’m a teacher).
    3. My husband getting home after being gone for work all week!
    4. Movie nights with kettlecorn popcorn. 🙂
    Beth @ Racing Robsons recently posted..Achieve the ImpossibleMy Profile

  5. I get where you’re coming from with the hill repeats. I get a sick kick out of them too. I even have 3 favorite hills so I can switch it up. I’m just not right.
    Right now I’m really loving zucchini bread. I always bake a boatload this time of year with the intention of freezing some for winter. That’s pretty much a joke in my house!
    Martha recently posted..My First 5kMy Profile

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