Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Race Recap

Another Monday and another marvelous race recap!

On Saturday I ran the Fox Point Sunset 5 Mile Road Race. It was my third ever 5 mile race and first evening race. Nothing has changed – I still dislike the distance but I still sign up. When will I learn?

fox point sunset 5 miler bib - happyfitmama.comIt was so bizarre Saturday morning to not go for a run. It was even more bizarre trying to remember I had a race to go to at 5 p.m. I got caught up in the activities of the day and before I knew it was 3:45. Bib pick up was till 4:30 so we had to shake a leg to get myself and everyone ready. Thankfully, the race is only a short drive from us and parking was easy.

I initially went into the race thinking I’d try for a PR. Back in April, I achieved my current PR 39:03. After plugging the numbers into the McMillan Calculator, I found that I’d have to run at least a 7:47 pace. After last weekends hilly 10 miler, my legs were sore for most of the week. I took it easy for the week hoping that my legs would feel fresh for the race. It seemed doable so I was going to go for it even though I haven’t been doing any speed work lately (except hill repeats).

The race started up a gradual hill. I was in the middle of the pack and got stuck behind multiple walkers and the bottle neck for the first 1/4 mile or so. For the first 2 miles I was feeling great. Legs felt light, foot/ankle felt comfortable, breathing felt good (my cold is still hanging on).

Mile 1 – 7:46

Mile 2 – 7:41

It was during around mile 2.5, I started to get the burning throat feeling (from my congestion/cold) and felt like I was slowing down. I had just climbed the first hill which really wasn’t too bad. However, the negative thoughts soon started to come up.

You’re slowing down. No way for a PR now!

I quieted the voices a little by telling myself – Suck it up Butter Cup! Only 2.5 miles to go!

Mile 3 – 7:59

The pep talk didn’t help for too long. I could feel myself slow down no matter how much I willed my legs to pick up the pace. I started to get distracted by the scenery and the spectators who were sitting at the end of their driveways celebrating Happy Hour.

Dang that wine looked good! 

Mile 4 – 8:17

No more spectators drinking wine but a couple of gradual hills including the one to the finish got me to go a little faster for the final mile.

Mile 5 – 8:10

Time: 39:53

As I crossed the finish line, I felt slightly disappointed. It would have been a great confidence booster to have a PR going into the thick of training for my November half marathon. But then I realized that given the circumstances of the past few months (foot/ankle injury, significant time off from running, no speed work) that I did pretty well. At least I nailed the first two miles. Not every race can be a PR. What the race showed me is that I need to work on the middle miles and better pacing (as always).

Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler - happyfitmama.comPost race, the organizers put out a huge BBQ. I was very surprised with how much food they had. I’ve never seen such a post-race spread. Quite marvelous in fact! I found Ron and the kids happily chomping on their food. Of course, as soon as the kids saw me, they stole my water. Sigh. Just another day as a mother runner.

Have you ever run a 5 mile race? Did you like it?

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  1. I actually love that distance and wish there were more of them! Congrats on running a really good one. Heck yeah that’s a great number, especially when you account for all your down time. Great way to launch your half training.
    misszippy1 recently posted..Team Treasured ChestsMy Profile

  2. They’re always stealing my water!!! I’ve never done a 5 miler but I will say you did awesome! You’ve been working so hard to get back from your injury!!! You did great!

  3. Angela thanks for coming and running our race! We’re glad you came and thanks for your great post about your experience. We put on a huge post-race BBQ each year and I’m hoping you and your family enjoyed it! We’d love to have you come back and run it again next year.

    1. Thanks for your hard work and effort into a great race! I enjoyed the course while my hubs and kids played at the playground. Perfect spot for families to wait for their runners!

  4. Nice job!! I hate those bottlenecks at the beginning of a race though. So frustrating. I’m kind of jealous that you have races that aren’t just 5K distances. There are only a few half marathons around here and even fewer 10Ks but a million 5Ks
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Happy ThingsMy Profile

  5. Isn’t it funny how our minds work during races? Every St. Patricks day I run a 5mile race. It’ such a strange distance but definitely fun. You did great given your previous run.
    Katie recently posted..My First 5KMy Profile

  6. I think I’ve run one 5 mile race. Can’t remember if I loved or hated it. Probably hated it because you pretty much have to work as hard as a 5k, but for 2 more miles!

    I am also not a fan of evening races. As a morning runner, my body feels off running in the afternoon or evening. I never do as well as I should. Plus it is hard to get the eating thing right. I either eat too much or too little, too early or too late. Which is why I think it is amazing that you came as close as you did to a PR. Nice job!
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..Running for Others: Relief in ActionMy Profile

  7. Congratulations on a great race! I ran that race on Saturday too and I agree with you. Evening races are difficult for me too. I had already put in a full day with my family before racing over there to run. Miles 3 and 4 were rough! I am inspired by you. Glad to know there are Mamas out there like you committed to health and family. Thanks!
    Amy recently posted..Two Years Later……My Profile

  8. Are those pizza boxes back there? YUM! I always love pizza after a race 🙂

    Nope – never done a 5 mile race, but that’s my usual daily distance & I love that stretch…
    Good job lady!
    Rebecca Jo recently posted..Buffy Sue…My Profile

    1. I’ve actually never done a 5k race! It’s on my ‘to-do’ list before the end of the year. I’ve gotta do at least one, even though I’m sure I’ll hate it! I’m just not built for speed!

      1. Hahaha! Trust me, I’m not built for speed either! It takes me 34-36 minutes to run one. But I’m getting better the longer I’ve been running so it’s all about patience I guess!

        I wouldn’t focus on that part of it if you do one. 5K’s tend to be a lot of fun because there are runners of all abilities there to do them, whether they walk or run!
        Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..You Didn’t Ask, I AnsweredMy Profile

  9. You weren’t too far off your PR, and injuries really set you back a bit – I know!
    I’ve never raced a 5 miler – we only seem to have 5k’s here. I’m running my first half marathon in November – it looks like we will be half marathon training together!
    Sherry recently posted..Half Marathon Training BeginsMy Profile

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