Find the Energy Benefits of Oats in Cheerios

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We all want more of it, right?

Some people find energy in a cup of caffeine. It gives you a little boost but usually what follows is a major crash and you’re back to where you started.

I find energy with fresh air. Being outside gives me an instant boost no matter what the season. That’s one of the reasons why I love running.

Fresh air has so many benefits:

– improves digestion

– good for blood pressure and heart rate

– strengthens your immune system

– makes you happier

– gives you energy and sharper mind

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It’s no secret I’m not the biggest fan of the treadmill. I’ll use it but I’d much prefer to run outside. I take the energy of the sun, the wind, rain, snow, whatever, and use it to power me through my run. Think of the last time you ran in a gym. Was the air stale? Did you feel energized? Most likely not. Now picture running along the ocean, lake, country road or in a park. How did that make you feel? More energy, right?

This time of year I like to pull my yoga mat outside just for the fresh air. It’s an instant energy booster. The next time you feel sluggish, get into Down Dog, Warrior III or Tree Pose to feel revitalized. I swear it works!

Eating the right nutrients for your body is also a big factor in how much energy you have. I know when I eat junk, I feel like junk.

My life has been fueled by the energy benefits of oats in Cheerios since birth. It was a staple in my house growing up. The big yellow box was always at the breakfast table. My parents never allowed us to have sugary cereals growing up. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the power of oats ingrained in me from such a young age.

I’ve always loved the crunch of Cheerios. It makes me feel like I’m eating real food and it gives me time to chew. But I’ve got a confession – I like soggy Cheerios just as much!

The love of Cheerios has followed me as an adult and now as a mama. Cheerios was one of the first foods my kids tasted (and gobbled up faster than I could hand it out!).

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We are a breakfast loving family and Cheerios is a quick way to get in energy packed nutrients that’s sustainable for all of our life’s adventures. The standby is a bowl of Cheerios with milk and fresh fruit. Sometimes we get fancy and make layered yogurt parfaits.

Cheerios are also good for snacking straight from the box or mixed in with dried fruit and nuts for a portable trail mix.

For healthy recipes containing whole grains, check out

Want to nudge your health in a better direction? The whole grain oats in Cheerios are rich in heart-healthy fiber beta glucan. Find out how soluble fiber helps your body here:

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  1. Yep, all those reason – exactly why I run! I can’t stand the ‘mill either and I know it’s because you’re stuck inside, you don’t get any of the same sensory joys of being outside. Cherrios was one of the few cereals we ever kept on hand growing up.

  2. Cheerios are my daughter’s favorite! She asks for her “o’s”! It’s the only cereal I feel comfortable feeding her at this age (14 months), and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! 🙂
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